SGA fails to inform members about cancelled meeting

Arianna Davis

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An empty Student Government Association room. March 21. Photo by Arianna Davis

Student Government Association members scattered outside of Dillard Room 101 as they wait for their weekly Tuesday meetings. The March 21 meeting brought the cancelled meeting tally to three. Approximately five members waited inside the empty meeting room, unaware of the cancelled meeting while others gathered outside, asking each other if they knew what was going on.

Shingai Mapuvire, computer science senior and senator for the Arts and Literature Society, was one of the first members to show.

“I was informed that there was a meeting, but not that there wouldn’t be anyone actually there,” Mapuvire said. “An email would have been nice.”

According to Shayla Owens, SGA president, however, an email was sent out and an announcement during the last meeting declared there would be no meeting the Tuesday following spring break.

“Per the executives being in Austin, we could not facilitate a meeting this week,” Owens said.

Kudakwashe Bepswa, management junior and African Student Organization senator, also said he did not get an email. 

“I came from class like I normally do, which ends at 6:50, and there was no one here. I checked the student center and Bolin, came back and still nobody was here,” Bepswa said. “The vice president of my group even reminded me about the meeting.”

Damian DeSilva, newly elected vice president of SGA, mentioned that the meeting was still posted on the calendar and that to his knowledge, there was supposed to be a meeting. However, he also said he had previous knowledge of the executives being out of town and could be a reason as to why no one was showing up.

Bepswa, along with a few other members waiting in the room, were not aware of the executives even being out of town.

“There’s no protocol that I’m aware of for this sort of thing. This is the first time this has happened to me. I guess we just go home,” Bepswa said.

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