BSM celebrates the new semester through game night

Herbert McCullough

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Approximately 100 people attended the Baptist Student Ministry game night on Jan. 20 at the Baptist Student Center. The games available included Apples to Apples, table tennis, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and Jenga. There were also video games on the Nintendo, Wii, computer, and GameCube.

“I only played one game and it was a card game similar to Uno and it was a lot of fun. I wish I can remember the name of that game,” Josie Wise, BSM member and art sophomore, said.

Ryan Litton, management junior, said he enjoyed the bonding moments from the game night.

“I just got around the table and started playing Apples to Apples and there were a lot of funny moments,” Litton said. “I enjoyed bonding with new people there. So I think Apples to Apples was probably my favorite out of all the game that we played.”

There was also pizza along with chips, ice cream, and candy.

“The food was awesome,” Samantha Cepeda, psychology sophomore and BSM member, said.

Carly Steadham, elementary education junior, said the parts she liked best were the conversations with both her friends and new people.

“I came and I go to hang out with friends. I got to play Apples to Apples with a group and a few girls that I haven’t met before and then I got to play basketball with some girls I never really hung out with before,” Steadham said. “I had deep conversations with new friends and I to catch up with old friends after the break.”

Many students were given the opportunity to meet other students.

“I met two girls who I was playing Apples to Apples with. They’re both freshmen girls who haven’t been here before,” Steadham said. “We got to laugh together and play together and build a relationship in that kind of way.”

Wise said she also enjoyed meeting new people, especially those in her major. 

“We had a lot of new people come which was really exciting and a lot of them were art students and I’m an art major,” Wise said. “So it was really cool to bond with them on that level and hang out with them more outside of the classroom and studying. So it was a lot of fun.”

Litton said that it is important for students to take a break from the stress of studying and school, which is why BSM hosts events like this.

“As important as it is to study and pass, I do believe it’s important to reward yourself with some down time. It’s important for students to get involved in events like this that allows opportunities for students to meet new students and new friends,” Litton said. “The main goal of this event was to encourage students to relax and make new friends.”

Cepeda agreed with Litton’s points, and also used the game night as a way to invite more people to join BSM.

“It was important because it was a way for us to invite new students on campus. From my first experience, I just wanted to get to know people,” Cepeda said. “I wish we can do more events like this for new students so they can have a fun and safe good time. We also want to invite more students to BSM and show them Christ’s love.”

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