But first, coffee

Yareli Lora

Yareli Lora
Yareli Lora

Just let me have my coffee how I want it.

Every morning I get up, wash my face and brush my teeth. Occasionally I will have a little something for breakfast and then rush out the door. My day has not even started yet and it is already chaotic. The life of a typical college student.

The first thing I look forward to before rushing to class is rushing to get a cup of coffee. Moffett Library’s café is my first stop before class. It never fails that every time I walk in, there is a long line of people.

“Good morning!” I always feel the need to tell that to the person that is taking my order, because majority of the people that have been waiting in line look mad. Then again, the time that I go into the café, it’s early in the morning.

I almost always order the same thing, a tall coffee. I’m plain and simple. I pour the hot coffee into my cup and fix it up just how I like it. I can’t forget my straw to put in my coffee. Now, I’m ready for the day.

“Why did you just do that?” I look over and a complete stranger is asking why I just put a straw in my coffee. I replied by telling him, “It’s just habit I guess.” I continue with my day by walking to Fain. On the way to class I run into some friends. “Why do you keep putting a straw in your coffee weirdo?” Oh good morning to you too. I usually disregard their comments because I’m just trying to enjoy my coffee at this point.

Finally, I get to my first class. My professor begins to look at me funny. Once again, I get asked why I have a straw in my coffee. This is a continuous cycle. I always get asked why I use a straw with my coffee.

Can I just enjoy my coffee? It’s really not that uncommon for people to drink hot coffee with a straw. After all, I can’t be the only person on campus that does this. 

Yareli Lora is a Spanish junior.