Poetry slam at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop March 17

Jared Tuilagi

The Writing Center staff will be hosting the first poetry slam of the year at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. on March 17 giving students and staff a chance to share different forms of poetry while enjoying food and each other’s company.

These poetry nights have been held at least once or twice a semester for the past five years. Although it is entitled a Poetry Slam, poetry is not the only sharable form of writing, short stories and literature are acceptable as well.

“There is usually a wide range of poetry presented at each slam, people bring whatever they like and we share. I enjoy it quite a bit,” Haleigh Wallace, mass communication sophomore, said. 

Wallace, who is also a Writing Center tutor, said that Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is the most convenient meeting space that is available. “We’ve had poetry slams at Fuzzy’s in the past. It’s really a great venue,” Wallace said.

Attendees do not have to share a reading. Some students are content with enjoying creative poems or literature while indulging in a Fuzzy’s meal.

MSU students and staff aren’t the only people looking forward to hearing poetry. The Fuzzy’s employees who are scheduled to work during the event said it would make their shift more interesting.

“We enjoy hosting events like these because of the entertainment and business it brings,” Gabriel Gutierrez, manager, said. “We have a small stage which is what they use for the poetry nights. So it works out pretty well. Our owners are even now considering hosting karaoke nights or game nights,” he adds.

The previous poetry slam during the fall semester had a turn out of around 15 people.

A’ja Robertson, criminal justice sophomore, said, “These types of events should happen more often. I don’t really write any poetry but I do like hearing some. I now have plans for Thursday night.”

The event is free, with Fuzzy’s food and beverages available for purchase.