Student regent applications due Nov. 30

Talia Harris

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Applications for student regent on the Board of Regents, the university’s highest governing body, opened on Sunday.

“It’s an educational and developmental opportunity for a student who is interested in higher education, state and local institutional governance,” said Mathew Park, associate vice president for student affairs.

Shelby Davis, 2013-2014 student regent

Shelby Davis, 2013-2014 student regent

While the student regent does not have a vote, he or she is still present during conversations about everything from the budget to construction and parking on campus.

“They do get to engage in the conversation and ask questions,” Park said.

Director of Board and Government Relations Debbie Barrow said the Student Government Association has setup a website with information about the program.

“There are two applications that the student has to fill out,” Barrow said. “One is the state application that the government office requires and the other is an application that we put together here at the university.”

Barrow said officials in the president’s office usually bring the candidates in for an interview.

Mass Communication Junior Megan Piehler is the 10th and current student regent.

Jesse Brown, 2014-2015 student regent

Jesse Brown, 2014-2015 student regent

“It’s been an honor,” said Piehler.

Piehler said being student regent is an enlightening experience because she gets to see the inner workings of the university.

“The biggest part of being a student regent is asking questions and being vocal about things that are of interest to students,” Piehler said.

Piehler said it’s nice to know what is going on.

“I have the ability to walk up to people and ask them how they feel about something,” Piehler said. “And it’s not just a random question or a random stranger, but a question from someone who can do something about it.”


  • Nov. 30 — Deadline for application
  • Jan. 1 —  SGA has to pick up to five candidates.
  • Feb. 1 — President’s office has to narrow the field and send recommends to the governor’s office.
  • June 1 — Governor office will appoint a new regent.
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