‘Biggest turnout’ expected at bonfire

Kara McIntyre

The 2014 bonfire.
The 2014 bonfire.

As tradition goes, the annual homecoming bonfire will commence on Thursday, Oct. 29 at 9:15 p.m. in the parking lots by D.L. Ligon Coliseum. Each year, MSU students are asked to donate their college T-shirts from other schools to be burned in the bonfire in exchange for an exclusive MSU bonfire T-shirt.

“We ordered 700 MSU bonfire T-shirts in expectation for this event,” Kevin Bazner, assistant director of student development and orientation, said.

Although 700 bonfire shirts are available to be exchanged, only 100 or so shirts actually end up in the bonfire to be burned.

“We almost always give away every single one of our bonfire shirts, but we can’t fit 700 shirts from other campuses on the actual bonfire modifier,” Bazner said.

The leftover shirts are donated to Faith Mission, a local non-profit organization to help homeless people in Wichita Falls.

According to senior biology major Laura Flores, students are most excited about the bonfire over the other homecoming events.

“The lip sync finals and torchlight parade as additions to the bonfire make it memorable,” Flores said. “That’s why the bonfire has the biggest turnout.”