Learning on the field vs. learning in books

I’ve been an athlete my whole life. Even before I was able to catch a ball or hold a racquet, my parents exposed me to sports. My journey began a long time ago. And it has been a long one. On the way, I've encountered many different obstacles. At the beginning, they were mainly socially-focused, … [Read more...]

‘We have a huge life ahead of us’

I recently turned 21, and I took a moment to reflect back on my life. The past year, for me, has been a year of intense growth with trials and tribulations. Despite the tears, disappointments and losses, the events of the past year have taught me more about myself, others, and a few universal … [Read more...]

Dan Gediman visits campus for book signing

Dan Gediman, editor of book This I Believe, was at MSU for a presentation Oct. 21 and a book signing Oct. 22. Gediman is a long-time public radio producer, winning prestigious awards including the DuPont-Columbia Award. His shift to starting This I Believe was when he was unemployed and lying in … [Read more...]