Revitalization project aims to breathe new life into Lake Wichita

For 115 years Lake Wichita has been a cornerstone in the city’s history. Over the last century the lake, constructed in 1901 and originally used for irrigation to power the electricity power plant, has seen both boom and bust and now, barely supports animal life and doesn't support recreation.The … [Read more...]

Record rainfall causes problems for Sikes Lake

From May 4 to June 22, Wichita Falls set a record for the amount of rain in May, ending the drought and filling the lakes, but causing some problems as well. Sikes Lake, which runs alongside the school’s Wellness Center, received an influx of silting and formed an “island” in the northern part of … [Read more...]

Bolin Fountain showers again

After two years of remaining empty and bone dry, the Bolin Fountain, located at the Dillard quad, showered back to life Sept. 9. To ensure it will operate efficiently, maintenance workers have been previewing the fountain for the last week. The fountain shut down in 2013 when Wichita Falls city … [Read more...]

Despite drought, rain annoys students

Putting the city over its average monthly rainfall, Wichita Falls received 2.58 inches of rain May 5 - 6 according to National Weather Service. And, although welcome, the rain has put students in a bind with finals approaching. “With living off campus, the rain sometimes is so bad that it’s hard … [Read more...]

Wellness Center pool to open April 6

A sure sign of spring and warmer weather, the aquatics area at the Wellness Center will open April 6. Joey Greenwood, director of the Wellness Center, said, “The horrible weather from the previous two weeks delayed the opening of the pool." Of the $55,000 used to operate the aquatics area, … [Read more...]

Well water in use at pool, on fields It is no secret water in Wichita Falls, Texas is in short supply, but MSU has taken steps to help conserve water by using a well to water athletic fields. NCAA rules requires athletic fields to be watered to reduce the likelihood of injuries to athletes. The … [Read more...]

City remains in stage 4: drought disaster

City remains in stage four: drought disaster from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. The city of Wichita Falls and surrounding areas are in serious need of rain and have been for the past seven years. The city is under stage four drought restrictions and KAUZ Meteorologist Jake Reed said tighter … [Read more...]

Drought has little effect on housing

Drought has little effect on housing from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. Water restrictions have not made their way across the entire campus just yet. Students who live in resident halls have yet to feel a difference when it comes to the drought restrictions. Michael Mills, Director of Housing, said … [Read more...]

Drought impacting MSU outdoor athletics

Drought Impacting MSU Outdoor Athletics from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. The city of Wichita Falls has been feeling the heat from the tough drought restrictions. Kyle Owen, associate vice president for facility services, said those restrictions have forced the university to change some of its … [Read more...]

City only the second to try new treatment process

In a yard just off Taft Boulevard, a sign with the slogan “Pray for Rain” seems to sit and wait, almost patiently, for just a drop to show that its being there is actually working. While prayers and wishes for rain continue each day, the fact remains that if rain doesn’t come soon Wichita Falls will … [Read more...]