Students learn how to improve academic performance

To educate students on different ways to improve their academic performance, the Counseling Center put on a workshop series this year called 'Four Steps to a 4.0' on Oct. 3 in Legacy Hall. Lauren Nichols, mental health graduate student, who has been interning at the Counseling Center since Aug. … [Read more...]

Students learned how to conduct research project at workshop

To educate students on the different ways to create a research paper, the library staff put on a workshop called ‘How do I start: Beginning a research project’ on Sept. 14 in Moffett Library. Allison Breen, reference librarian at the Moffett Library, taught the workshop this year and seven … [Read more...]

Two students learn how to choose a career at counseling workshop

With only two students attending the Counseling Center's Academic Workshop: Choosing A Career and Major, in the Sundance Court meeting room on Feb. 15, almost all of the 40 available seats stayed empty during the event.   “It takes a lot for students to come to something extra when they are already … [Read more...]