The real world isn’t all bunnies, golden stars and giggles

Throughout the course of our lives, people tell us we are winners, we are special, we are one-of-a-kind, we will amount to something, or, if we put our minds to it, we can achieve anything. In elementary school we played sports like kickball, basketball, four square and  tag. There were always … [Read more...]

Mandatory vaccinations are a good idea

After joining the 2012 GOP Debate panel about a week ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry was attacked by other presidential contenders for mandating an HPV vaccine in Texas. When the dust settled, Perry had even attacked his own stance on the issue. But he should’ve stood his ground  – the policy was … [Read more...]

Americans still reeling from 9/11

Few people could argue that the events of Sept. 11, 2001 did not change the nation forever – the  tragedy has affected us economically, emotionally, societally and politically. Even though Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and other 9/11 conspirators are dead, there’s no masking the scar they left on … [Read more...]

We are NOT a dying breed

If you are reading this right now, that means that you actually are aware of the fact that MSU has a student-run paper. Unfortunately, a large chunk of the student body has no idea about the paper, and probably has no idea about what is going on in the community either. Young adults are … [Read more...]

Time for Change

School has started once again, which means another semester of classes, homework and occasional (or not so occasional) partying. But most of all, it means another semester of The Wichitan. We at the student newspaper do have a warped set of priorities, after all. If you’re reading this right … [Read more...]

Language falls through the Net

  “lawl grl i luv da way u did ur hair! Luks so kewl!” Give me a break! Is that even English?! Internet speak may look ridiculous, but it seems as though this is the direction the English language is taking. The more popular instant communication gets, the more our language … [Read more...]