Hate crime classification needs work

By Reverend Rubicon The horrible brutal murder of gay University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard in 1998 sent shockwaves throughout the country. Immediately, the media pounced on the angle that “hate crimes” against minorities and homosexuals was an epidemic sweeping the nation. The Hate … [Read more...]

Reasonable doubt?

Troy Davis should not have been executed. The 42-year-old Savanna, Georgia resident was put to death by lethal injection Sept. 21. Davis spent 22 years in a Georgia penitentiary after being convicted of killing an off-duty police officer in 1989. Most of the evidence that tied the noose around … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor

Wichitan Staff,   I’m disappointed that the cartoon on page 2 of the September 7th edition was passed as printable.  It is sexist, obnoxious, irrelevant, and witless.  Any cartoon submitted by this artist should be carefully inspected to avoid disgrace to your publication.  If this paper … [Read more...]

Midwestern lacks communication

On Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011, the Mustangs football team played a game at the famous Cowboys Stadium. Unfortunately, MSU did not do the greatest job in advertising or communicating to the student body about this rather exciting event. Walking around campus last week, I didn’t see any flyers, … [Read more...]

Peace with Ozzy

Story by Jesse Blume For the Labor Day weekend, I decided to go home and visit my family in Dallas.  It had been a long while since I’d last seen them.  The summer had rewarded me in many ways, but only after a great deal of work and frustration, and I could use the R&R. I’d eaten very … [Read more...]

Spare a penny for a millionaire?

Most politicians would rather not discuss their incomes in public. Rep. John Fleming (R-La.), however, let MSNBC interviewer Chris Jansing know he brings in $600,000 annually. In reality, Fleming has an income of about $6 million. “The amount that I have to reinvest in my business and feed my … [Read more...]

Rick Perry: Superman?

As of recent, Rick Perry has been making more and more comments that continually make him look like someone who should not be governor, much less president. Just the other day, Perry compared himself to the great American comic book hero, Superman. Wait, what? His exact words: “Superman … [Read more...]

The real world isn’t all bunnies, golden stars and giggles

Throughout the course of our lives, people tell us we are winners, we are special, we are one-of-a-kind, we will amount to something, or, if we put our minds to it, we can achieve anything. In elementary school we played sports like kickball, basketball, four square and  tag. There were always … [Read more...]

Mandatory vaccinations are a good idea

After joining the 2012 GOP Debate panel about a week ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry was attacked by other presidential contenders for mandating an HPV vaccine in Texas. When the dust settled, Perry had even attacked his own stance on the issue. But he should’ve stood his ground  – the policy was … [Read more...]

Americans still reeling from 9/11

Few people could argue that the events of Sept. 11, 2001 did not change the nation forever – the  tragedy has affected us economically, emotionally, societally and politically. Even though Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and other 9/11 conspirators are dead, there’s no masking the scar they left on … [Read more...]