Political columnist to speak at MSU

Syndicated columnist and political analyst Mark Shields will speak in Akin Auditorium at 7 p.m. Tuesday to discuss his experiences in American politics and journalism. Shields is the second guest in this year’s Artist Lecture Series. The Massachusetts native will give his viewpoint on today’s … [Read more...]

Low enrollment may spur tuition hike

A four percent drop in enrollment this semester has cost MSU about $500,000. In addition, state comptrollers have told administrators not to expect an increased payout from the state for at least four years. MSU President Dr. Jesse Rogers continues to scrutinize how the university manages its … [Read more...]

MSU draws students’ relatives to Family Day

By Josh Hayter Smiling faces, children jumping on bouncy castles, the smell of hot dogs and fries filled the air Saturday afternoon at The Quad. More than 2,000 family members attended MSU’s annual Family Day festivities. The message on the back of this year’s Family Day t-shirt summed up … [Read more...]

Profs examine wealth gap, declining economy

  Students are obviously interested in the economy – 100 students attended The Wealth Gap in America presentation Wednesday, hosted by Multicultural Services. Dr. Michael Preda, professor of political science, and Dr. Yoshi Fukasawa, economics chair, covered the political and economical … [Read more...]

Speakers talk on technology

  Technology offers students a lot of great opportunities – but those opportunities come with danger. W. Scott Lewis, JD, spoke to students and faculty Wednesday as part of the Student Success Series with the program MyFace, Spacebook and Other Issues of Technology for Students. The … [Read more...]

MSU police investigate assault charges

MSU police are investigating three sexual assault cases occurring within one week on campus. The first case involves two female students who say they were sexually assaulted in Sundance Apartments Sept. 18. The second case involves another coed who says she was sexually assaulted in … [Read more...]

Freedom to read

To Kill a Mockingbird is one of Breanne Sill’s favorite books. Her favorite novel is also on the Banned and Challenged books according to the American Library Association (ALA). Tuesday began the annual Book Banning and Censorship Protest at Sunwatcher Plaza, sponsored by the Literary Society, … [Read more...]

MSU enrollment decreases by 4%

Enrollment at MSU is down by 244 students since Fall 2010, according to the office of admissions. Administrators are toying with some theories about what caused the shortfall in enrollment. Among the potential answers are higher admissions standards, a struggling national economy, and an … [Read more...]

Blood donations needed in Southwest region

For freshman Valerie Campbell, donating blood at Tuesday’s American Red Cross Blood Drive was not simply just to help out a good cause. It was to return the favor. Campbell was born she had five blood transfusions. That is at least five pints of blood that people donated that kept her … [Read more...]

Student allocations doles out funds

The Student Allocations Committee has increased the recommended budget for Student Services in the 2011-2012 school year by $263,441. This brings the estimated income to $2,415,765. Each student pays a Student Service Fee of $15.50 per semester credit hour, with a maximum charge of $250 for one … [Read more...]