Why ‘Nymphomaniac’ will not play in Wichita Falls theaters

To say Danish director Lars von Trier is controversial is a gross understatement and oversimplification. His movies provoke and shock, thrill and outrage. But the media controversy surrounding Trier should not overshadow the unabashed aesthetics of a bold and groundbreaking film auteur. Lars von … [Read more...]

Violinist entertains students

Bulgarian-born Svet tells of his success, journey to America Classic violin, hip-hop and pop beats, singing, rapping, beat boxing, and even the Super Mario theme song all blended together, as hip-hop violinist Svet defied musical genres in his performance in Comanche on Feb. 11. “I want … [Read more...]

New SGA president goals include parking expansion

Student Government Association has a new president and this senior kinesiology major has goals to get students more involved in campus-related events. Anthony Gallina, 22, said his chief priorities are to expand parking. “The main goal of our association is to take the concerns of students and … [Read more...]

Students sign up for alternative Spring Break

Most students will spend their Spring Breaks drinking, partying and hanging out with friends. This isn’t the case, however, for 20 MSU students who will spend the holiday cleaning up the Gulf Coast area in Biloxi, Miss. The students will participate in the event, which is sponsored by the United … [Read more...]

MSU admins present new printing policy

The policy will be used to cut down on excessive printing in some computer labs. Starting fall 2012, you’ll have to pay for what you print at MSU. In fact, the university has already implemented new printing technology this semester. New printers with electronic monitoring devices … [Read more...]

Blacking out for a cause

On Wednesday, more than 115,000 websites participated in the largest online protest in world history to oppose the SOPA and PIPA bills. URLs and HTTPs united with physical demonstrators in New York City, San Francisco and Seattle to force the bills to be shelved indefinitely on  January 20. Among … [Read more...]