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Professor examines the similarities between Texas and Queensland, Australia

Carli Woolsey, Reporter

November 8, 2018

Associate Professor of History Leland Turner spent his hour at the Faculty Forum talking big, really big, comparing culture and mythology between Texas and Queensland, Australia. At the Nov. 5 forum, Turner said, "It's important that when we have new ideas, we share that knowledge with others. As a historian, I am in the business of creating k...

Fulfilling our liberal arts mission

The Wichitan

February 28, 2017

Dear Editor, As manufacturing jobs continue to disappear, a college degree is increasingly critical to social mobility. Additionally, the university is subject to increased pressures from all directions. Funding often comes with stipulations that privilege fiscal concerns over educational ones —...

Why liberal arts education is important

Why liberal arts education is important

The Wichitan

February 22, 2017

I attended the Faculty Forum last week, and I found it rather interesting. The panelists and audience discussed the importance of attending a liberal arts university, how to incorporate liberal arts into the world and other studies, cultural literacy, what can be done at the moment to incorporate more li...

Soldiers’ theater not as well known, with little funds

Lane Riggs

February 15, 2017

Karen Dabney, assistant professor of theater, presented Soldier-Actors, Army Entertainment and the Archive Dilemma, a talk which looked at the implementation of theater in the army, the forgotten history of such programs, and the diminishing presence of theater on army bases at the Faculty Forum on Feb....

Faculty forum ‘brings clarity to liberal arts identity’

Lane Riggs

February 1, 2017

The panel, "Implementing a Liberal Arts Education; Moving from concept to practice," which was held on Jan. 26 in Legacy Hall at 7-9 p.m., is only the second panel hosted on campus to discuss the uniqueness of a liberal arts education. Out of the decade that the school has been a part of the Council of ...

Human Genome Project panel leaves professor stunned

Dylan Hall

November 8, 2016

Jonathan Price, associate professor of geosciences, has been researching and teaching geoscience for more than two decades. He has conducted several intricate geoscience experiments and released several prominent scientific books. However, the ramifications of Monday’s faculty forum panel which pr...

200 discuss importance of liberal arts education

200 discuss importance of liberal arts education

Melissa Laussmann

September 11, 2015

The first Faculty Forum event earlier this month at Shawnee Theatre greeted a full house. More than 200 students packed the theater to listen to a discussion by panelists from different colleges about the value of a liberal arts education.  The major topics of the evening included defining the...

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