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ER simulation challenges all corners of campus

Shelby Horne, radiology senior, performs chest compressions on the mannequin at the Adult Code simulation Nov. 18. The mannequin is connected to a sophisticated computer equipped to display a variety of symptoms to accommodate a series of medical scenarios. Photo by Brendan Wynne.

Brendan Wynne

November 28, 2016

It was 8:30 a.m. As she sprinted up the stairs, Jody Settle, radiology senior, could only imagine what kind of crisis lie ahead of her. Reports of a patient who'd been in a bar fight were swarming across the hall. The crowded hospital floor was buzzing with angry patients and irritated medical staff. As s...

Disciplines work together for ER simulation

Lynette Watts, assistant radiology professor, Beth Veale, radiology professor, Randy Case, assistant respiratory professor, and Jessyca Wagner, assistant radiology professor, discuss the schedule of the simulation Nov. 8. Photo by Brendan Wynne.

Brendan Wynne

November 16, 2016

Though hands-on activities are often key components for health science students, very rarely do professors get the opportunity to show students what it’s really like to work in a hectic, hospital environment. Until now, that is.On Friday, Nov. 18, students from the departments of respiratory care, r...

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