The Wichitan

Religion doesn’t matter

Samuel Mitchell, Reporter November 28, 2018

I want to preface this article by saying that by no means am I bashing those who practice religion.  That is not the purpose of this article, instead it is to tell how we shouldn't be blind followers...

Savannah Rangel

I am old, get over it

Savannah Rangel November 8, 2016

I am a 24-year old college student. It feels good to say it. I'm old which is funny because I don't feel old. Yet I have begun to hear it from my peers more and more. "Happy birthday! How old are you?"...

Students exiting campus shuttle

On the 7th day, “Bus” rested.

Jonathan Benyarko October 12, 2016

Students who live off campus without a car sometimes find it challenging to get on campus to use campus facilities because the mustang shuttle does not work on Sundays.“I walk from my apartment to campus...

269 peepholes to be installed across campus

Kharmyn Lewis October 28, 2015

To provide faculty and staff members with an extra level of security, facility services staff members will be installing 269 peep holes in doors across campus beginning Oct.28. Kyle Owen, assistant...

Balanced life key to fighting Freshman 15

Emma Labedis October 28, 2015

Taco Bell. Chic-fil-A. McDonald's. Whataburger. Jack in the Box. Dairy Queen. Sonic Drive-in. Canes. Chipotle. The list is almost endless. The food is convenient. And relatively inexpensive. It's...

MESA shuttle usage low on Saturdays

MESA shuttle usage low on Saturdays

Morgan Haire April 29, 2015

Since the trial run of the Mustangs Entertainment Shopping and Attractions Route began April 10, the number of weekend riders has continued to decline. The numbers over the weeks have been important...

Kylie Austin, history freshman, laughs with friends at the mens soccer match between Midwestern State University and Eastern New Mexico Monday, Oct. 27, 2014 at the soccer field. Photo by Lauren Roberts

Women’s soccer player kicks cancer

Mandy Saal April 29, 2015

From July of 2014 to March of 2015, time practically stood still for Kylie Austin. After spending days in a hospital bed hooked up to IVs and hours listening to doctors say her dream of playing college...

Debra Higginbotham, disability support services director, talks to the Student Fee Allocation Committee about finances for next year. The basic part is to keep disabled Americans from being excluded. Some cant hear, some have learning disabilities like dyslexia, and these people feel as if they cant suceed because of it. Some students are unable to open doors and we have a deaf student in engineering this year, which leads to the Non-Exclusion Law. We want to open doors to people with disabilities to be able to work with people with out. Having these disabilities doesnt mean they arent able, but once we make these accommodations they feel like they can succeed, Higginbotham says. Photo by Francisco Martinez

Committee passes student fee budget

Brianna Sheen April 1, 2015

A committee of five faculty and staff advisors and six students met March 27 in the J.S. Bridwell Boardroom for the annual Student Fee Allocation Hearings. After presentations for 26 different organizations...

Students’ opinions mixed on measles vaccine

Brianna Sheen February 4, 2015

In January alone, 102 people from 14 states including Texas were reported to have measles, according to the CDC. 2014 was a record year for measles cases, with 644 cases reported from 27 states. Because...

UPB, RHA host Super Bowl party for students

Brianna Sheen February 4, 2015

More than 30 students enjoyed free food and the most-watched televised event in U.S. history, according to the Huffington Post, at the Super Bowl party hosted by the University Programming Board and...

William Winkler, radiology junior, and Sarah Guthrie, radiology senior, race to the shore in the Radiology club boat at the carboard boat race in Sikes Lake on Oct. 24. Photo by Lauren Roberts

Students race homemade boats in homecoming tradition

miguel jaime October 30, 2014

The inexperienced sailors pushed their small boat into the glistening lake and jumped in. Seconds later they fell into the cold murky water as their boat tipped over. Kicking and splashing they tried...

Kiani Stone, senior in theater, and Anthony Garza, freshman in theatre, perform during dress rehersal Tuesday night in the Fine Arts Theater.

Theater production overlaps spring break

Cedric Phillips March 12, 2014

With the start of spring break next weekend and its schedule overlapping with the play God of Carnage attendance might be impacted, according to the production team. They said spring break won't deter...

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