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Before you say “You need to know English”

Rachel Johnson

February 13, 2018

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When I was in the eighth grade, I lived in Mexico for eight months. Later when I was 18, I went to three countries in Europe. In both experiences I had little to no knowledge when it came to their native languages. In Mexico, I learned wh...

Living on campus: tips from a junior

Rachel Johnson

August 25, 2016

Filed under Guest Column, Op-Ed

Welcome to some of the best (and worst) memories you will make. You will have a hate-love relationship with your residence hall room and roommates by the time you leave, but you will never forget the memories you make. So here are some tips from a ...

Social media is more than retweets and friend counts

Rachel Johnson

April 6, 2016

Filed under Feature

Social media networks have started to take over the way people run their lives, from how they find friends or dates, to how people post their day to day activities as if it were a personal diary. Nearly any information someone could ever hope to kno...

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