Previous undergraduates move their tassels to the left, signifying their promotion to graduates, Dec. 10. (Colin Stevenson)
Previous undergraduates move their tassels to the left, signifying their promotion to graduates, Dec. 10.

Colin Stevenson

783 students awarded at fall graduation 2022

December 10, 2022

After their years of hard work, 783 MSU Texas students walked the stage today to receive their diplomas. Family and friends gathered at Kay Yeager Coliseum to celebrate the success of the graduates.

DATE | December 10, 2022

LOCATION | Kay Yeager Coliseum

SPEAKER | Gabriella Pettijohn, President, MSU Student Government Association

FACULTY AWARD RECIPIENT | Randy Case, assistant professor of respiratory care


  • Master’s | 149
  • Bachelor’s | 634


  • Dillard College of Business Administration | 116
  • Gordon T. and Ellen West College of Education | 193
  • Lamar D. Fain College of Fine Arts | 33
  • Robert D. and Carol Gunn College of Health Sciences and Human Services | 330
  • Prothro-Yeager College of Humanities and Social Sciences | 56
  • McCoy College of Science, Mathematics and Engineering | 55


  • Master of Business Administration | 27
  • Master of Arts | 27
  • Master of Education | 32
  • Master of Arts in Criminal Justice | 4
  • Master of Health Administration | 1
  • Master of Science in Exercise Physiology | 1
  • Master of Science in Nursing | 22
  • Master of Radiologic Sciences | 25
  • Master of Science | 10
  • Bachelor of Business Administration | 89
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences | 87
  • Bachelor of Arts | 48
  • Bachelor of Science | 64
  • Bachelor of Science in Education | 24
  • Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies | 21
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts | 16
  • Bachelor of Music | 5
  • Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training | 1
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice | 16
  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology | 15
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing | 145
  • Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences | 45
  • Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology | 2
  • Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care | 45
  • Bachelor of Social Work | 8
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering | 3

Source: Midwestern State University Commencement Program


“As the first-ever student body president to speak at a commencement ceremony at MSU, I feel very honored. I am very proud of everyone that graduated today and I hope that they also feel proud for their amazing accomplishments. A piece of advice I would love to give to the recent graduates is to cherish the memories you made here and thank those who assisted you in getting your degree.” | Gabriella Pettijohn, Student Body President

“Although I technically graduated in August, it feels great to walk the stage with my fellow peers. I have loved my time here at MSU and I have loved all the wonderful people I met and the experience I got to partake in. I am truly grateful.” | Kassidy Knight, Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

”I feel terrified for the future but I’m also hopeful. The experiences I had during my time here makes me hopeful for life outside of MSU. After MSU I plan to teach theater or fifth grade English. We will see.” | Krista Hawkins, Bachelor of Fine Arts and a certification in Education

“Now that I’ve graduated I feel great that I don’t have any assignments till my Master’s program but in all seriousness, I feel great and I owe that feeling to my family and friends who all supported me throughout my college journey. Now that I’m done with my Bachelor’s, I plan to get my Master’s in sport administration.” | Adrianna Brown, Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and a certification in Psychology

“I feel great and proud of myself. I put in a lot of hard work into getting this degree, especially going through COVID so I’m filled with nothing but joy and pride but I’m also very grateful to be a graduate of such a wonderful university. Now that I have my Master’s, I plan to work at the University of Missouri as a Radiologist’s Assistant.” | Ryan Thompson, Master of Science in Radiologic Sciences

“I feel very relieved now that I’m a graduate and I am very excited to move on and start the next chapter of my life hopefully starting with me at Med School. My future plans are simple, I plan to take the MCAT in January and go to Med school if I get a good score.” | Kendall Jones, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Science

“It is a bittersweet feeling to see some of my students graduating. Some of my best students graduated today and although I am sad to see them go, I am very proud of their achievements. My advice to my graduates is to never forget the people that helped you and always remember that you have a family here at MSU.” | Issac Christiansen, Associate Professor of Sociology

“I feel so wonderful and grateful to have my degree but I couldn’t do it without the love and support of my family and friends. Now that I’m done with my Master’s, I plan to use the spring to take my certification exams.” | Kalynn Philipp, Master of Education in Educational Leadership

“[Graduating is] a big weight off my chest. I’m glad I went to school but I’m also glad I was able to finish school. I’m ready to go out into the real world as a real adult.” | Elijah Gremp, Bachelor of Fine Arts

“I’m ecstatic and I feel very accomplished. I have been accepted into [MSU’s] master’s program, so I will begin that in January. I advise undergrads to absolutely never give up on their dream. Life is unpredictable, so just keep on and keep your eye on the prize.” | Jeanne Lake Petrosian, Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

“[I feel] super excited. I’m ready to move on to big things, and I hope to go for my master’s degree after this. [My advice to undergraduates is to] be focused, be ready, and just keep going, regardless of whatever life throws at you. You’ll have many options along the way.” | Vincent Hodnett, Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences

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