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Falls Ride is beneficial for students

The Wichitan

February 19, 2019

Our View: Falls Ride is the public busing system available to students, faculty and staff. The Wichitan staff believes that having access to public transportation is beneficial for all students. This busing system is open to all students, faculty and staff with an I.D. and paid for through tuiti...

Security fee has pros and cons

February 12, 2019

Our view: The Wichitan staff believe that getting rid of the parking decals and replacing it with a security fee has pros and cons. Due to a new parking fee arrangement presented at the Student Government Association meeting by Vice President of Student Affairs Keith Lamb and Interim Vice President...

Why the question of the week is important

Wichitan Staff

February 6, 2019

Our View: The Wichitan staff believes that students have a voice that needs to be heard. We also believe that they should be given an outlet to use that voice in a productive manner. Our new series "Question of The Week" will give students a platform to articulate their opinions and create conversations...

Change your perspective

Wichitan Staff

January 30, 2019

OUR VIEW: The Wichitan staff believes that interactions on social media can impact your world view and can reshape a person's ideology. By approaching someone with a different view point than you with kindness instead of anger you can make more of an impact in that person's life. Megan Phelps-Roper, former memb...

Food insecurity is being dealt with properly

Wichitan Staff

January 26, 2019

Our View: Food insecurity is a rarely talked about issue that effects a lot of college students. The Wichitan believes that the university is slowly combating this issue and doing it well. Making sure that the issue is brought into the light is the first way we can make a change. When we asked students...

Having a Title IX coordinator is a good thing

January 19, 2019

The Wichitan staff believes recruiting a Title IX coordinator was a good move made by administrators. To streamline polices and procedures related to sexual harassment on campus, the board of regents approved the creation of the Title IX coordinator position August 2018. These responsibilities...

Go to finals frenzy

Wichitan Staff

December 5, 2018

Our View: Finals Frenzy gives students the opportunity to relax, destress and participate in fun activities before finals week starts. With activities like bingo, massage therapy and graduation cap decorating, Finals Frenzy has become an annual end of the semester tradition. It's also a time to destress...

Go to the EURECA research forum

Go to the EURECA research forum

Wichitan Staff

November 14, 2018

Our View: The Wichitan staff believes that viewing other students research is an opportunity to have fun while learning and maybe it can inspire you to try doing a research project. Ever discover something new or have a EUREKA moment? Undergraduate students do not get a lot of opportunities to do...

A contrast of conveying a political campaign.

Tommy Chhe, Columnist

November 7, 2018

The week before election night, Wichita Falls hosted U.S. Congressman and Democratic candidate, Beto O’Rourke, and U.S. Senator and Republican candidate, Ted Cruz. I had the privilege to do cover and interview the two biggest individuals in Texas with the whole nation seeing Wichita Falls at the epicenter. As...

Hate speech has no place on our campus

Wichitan Staff

November 7, 2018

We believe hate speech has no place on our campus. There was a case of defacement of a campus poster advertising a multicultural studies class called Africana Philosophy Thursday Nov. 1. A racial and derogatory slur was written on the flyer, crumpled up and placed on the ground in front of the profess...

School spirit editorial

October 31, 2018

Our View: While there will always be events that are more popular than others, we feel there should be more school spirit during homecoming. From the Torchlight Parade to the Saturday night football game, homecoming is a time for students, alumni, and their families to take part in the traditions,...

Keeping our campus clean

October 24, 2018

Our View: We believe that students should be more concerned about our environment. Being involved can help keep our community and campus clean and healthy. In fall of 2017 The Environmental Student Organization was formed by students to help keep the campus "green". This group was originally called...

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