The Wichitan

The goal: A better SGA

The Wichitan

April 15, 2015

Our view: Our desire for the outcome of the election and the appeals process is for it to result in a better run and more efficient Student Government Association, not for any one candidate to win over the other. As soon as the smoke cleared and winners of the Student Government Association electio...

Opinion: Choose Marco Torres for SGA president

The Wichitan

April 8, 2015

Our view: In elections, results speak louder than words, and the only results we have seen came from senior class senator Marco Torres. We need an active president who has the best interests of the entire student body, not select groups, at heart. Torres is the candidate for that job. Election...

Change is good

The Wichitan

March 11, 2015

Our view: The presidential search process has been a whirlwind of events, and while there appears to be a break in action now that the Board of Regents have selected Suzanne Shipley, president of Shepherd University, as the sole finalist for the job, it is imperative to the university's growth that...

Nelsen best fit for MSU

The Wichitan

March 4, 2015

Our view: While all three presidential finalists impressed us and appeared to be well suited for MSU, the Board of Regents can choose only one, and we hope they choose Robert Nelsen to be our next university president. Suzanne Shipley, president of Shepherd University, impressed us by being presiden...

University Officials Make Good Call

by Johnny Blevins

The Wichitan

February 26, 2015

Our View: When the weather got bad, the university officials handled the situation diligently and effectively to maintain the safety of everyone on campus. They maintained communication with everyone and made sure news got sent out immediately. The Greater Wichita Falls Community saw about an inc...

Attend presidential candidate meetings

The Wichitan

February 19, 2015

Our view: At the presidential candidate meetings in the next weeks we have one chance to meet each of the three presidential finalists. The meetings are open to anyone and students should take the time to sit down and ask questions of our potential presidents.  Feb. 23 starts the process of b...

Missing the ‘S’ in SGA

The Wichitan

February 4, 2015

Our View: Student Government Association needs to make more advancements that are identifiable and impactful. Students also needs to be an active part of SGA by vocalizing the changes they want to see on campus and holding SGA members accountable to get things done. SGA is an unseen presence on campu...

Toothless tobacco policy needs revision

Johnny Blevins

Ethan Metcalf

January 22, 2015

Our view: The toothless tobacco-free campus policy damages the integrity of the university and its administrators. The policy needs to be made enforceable or eliminated altogether. We agree that the smoking policy is in serious need of revision. If campus constituents want a ban on tobacco products, t...

Dead week would help students

Ethan Metcalf

December 2, 2014

Our view: It seems odd that MSU has no dead period before finals. Students can use the time to study or at least relax before finals. As MSU students we should celebrate what makes our school unique, but we should also make it known when there is a national trend that we should join, like dead week. ...

Staff Editorial: We need a fall break

Ethan Metcalf

November 12, 2014

Our view: Midwestern State University needs to institute a fall break. Students and faculty endure 61 consecutive class days in the fall while the longest uninterrupted stretch in spring is only 39 days. We should balance the semesters out and reduce fall burnout. November is a time to be a t...

Give input on dining contract before it’s too late

Ethan Metcalf

November 5, 2014

Our view: Regardless of which side you fall in the great cafeteria debate, change is inevitable when the dining contract is either renewed or re-signed, and the window for input is closing fast. We encourage everyone, especially those who must purchase a meal plan, to give feedback on the quality of dini...

Vote or not, get involved

The Wichitan

October 28, 2014

Our view: Voting in state and local elections this year is important, but informed voting and political and social engagement are even more important. As gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott said in his Wichita Falls campaign stop last weekend, "the only thing that counts are votes." Votes do matter, but t...

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