Flock Party

Brittney Cottingham

Chelsea Behrle, Rebecca Russell and Stephanie Ferguson gather supplies for the flocking fund raiser. (Photo by Hannah Hofmann)

You’ve been flocked!

This is the greeting some Wichita Falls residences received last week when the ladies of the Sigma Kappa Sorority flocked their yards with pink and purple flamingos to raise funds to support the Alzheimer’s Association.

By donating, residents were able to have the flamingos removed and given the opportunity to flock someone else’s yard.

Sigma Kappa, which was Midwestern’s first sorority on campus in 1959, has raised more than $400 so far with the fundraiser ending Sunday night.

All the money raised goes back to the Sigma Kappa Foundation, which is the sorority’s national philanthropy headquarters.

At headquarters, they disperse all donations to their national philanthropies, including the Alzheimer’s Association.

Sigma Kappa is the largest and longest-term supporter of the National Alzheimer’s Association, sorority adviser Connie Cannedy said.

Laura Clark, public relaitons chair for Sigma Kappa, doesn’t think a lot of people realize how prominent Alzheimer’s is in America with it being the sixth leading cause of death in the country.

“People are affected by Alzheimer’s every day, whether it be taking care of a loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or losing someone close to them from the disease,” Clark said.

Sigma Kappa wants to spread the word as much as possible to raise awareness and promote taking steps to end Alzheimer’s, Clark said.

Clark admits, since Greek Life is a small population of students at Midwestern, getting the word out about their philanthropy efforts proves to be extremely challenging.

“The most rewarding aspect of it all is the satisfaction we get from helping others,” Clark said.

“While it is fun flocking someone’s yard with a dozen pink and purple flamingos with the chapter, the best part is knowing that we are actively helping to raise money for this cause.”

Although flocking yards with pink and purple flamingos is similar to going door to door asking for donations, Clark said it’s all about having fun with the fund raiser.

“Donating money to a philanthropy shouldn’t include a ritual sigh and grabbing of the checkbook,” Clark said. “(With this fund raiser) people can expand their boundaries and realize that we’re not just asking for money. We’re trying to raise awareness and accept donations for this awesome cause.”

Sigma Kappa is based on four core values including friendship and personal growth.

Vice president of Philanthropic Services Chelsea Behrle, who has been a member of the sorority for three years, said service is one of Sigma Kappa’s core values.

“People don’t realize how much giving back to our community as well as our national philanthropies means to us,” Behrle said. “Each member is dedicated to all of our values, but I would say service is the most rewarding for us on a personal level as well as a chapter.”

Cannedy said by learning to balance scholastic, service, work and normal college life, the members of the Sigma Kappa sorority leave college better trained to be successful in their careers and lives after college.

“It is extremely important for young women of today to learn to give back,” Cannedy said.

“They will know the responsibilities of being good citizens and will also know the rewards of giving of one’s self to others in need of our assistance.”