Cable, wi-fi upgraded in residence halls

Edward Grisham

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Cable, wi-fi upgraded in residence halls from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

The freshman class is not the only thing new on campus. This fall students in the residence halls got access to faster Wi-Fi and new cable television packages in all housing facilities. These improvements include faster downloading speed available on multiple devices.

“Compared to last year it is about seven times faster. Students can now register up to five different devices on the same network and all will have the same speed,” Angie Reay, assistant director of housing, said.

Residents said they are surprised about how easy the service is to use and how quick and accessible for all their devices throughout the dorms.

“I really like it,” Reagan White, freshman in nursing, said. “It is really easy. You can go online, and you can connect all of your devices and connect up to four for free. If you do have any problems you can talk to the tech support. (IT officials) are super-fast and it is really easy. They are good at getting to you quickly.”

In addition to new Wi-Fi, MSU is providing a new cable package that includes more channels as well as channels in HD. Residents in Pierce said they are excited about the viewing experience.

Chris Portillo, junior in business, said, “The cable is great because it gave us a lot more sports channels. It is awesome that we have more than just 2 ESPN channels and we have all these channels to watch football on. I think it is great.”

Residents have been asking for the improvements and now housing officials have made it one of their top priorities.

Reay said, “Cable and internet were the two biggest complaints that we got on the quality of life survey every spring so we knew that is what the residents wanted. That is what we put all of our focus into to make living on campus that much better.”

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