Business Office explains online payment options for Spring 2022

Jaime Alemán, Reporter

The Business Office offers online options for student and department payments through Touchnet Bill Payment Suite and Marketplace for Spring 2022. Bill Payment Suite makes the registration payment process easier through the student portal and saves students time by not standing in line. Mustang Marketplace also improves the payment process for departments.

“Over the course of the pandemic, and classes being converted to online, we did not get that face-to-face opportunity to tell our students what we have to offer. The Business Office is normally represented at orientations, Mustang Rally, those type of events. We’ve missed those opportunities, probably with the last, maybe two freshman classes coming in,” director, student business services, Perry Griner said. “More people started mailing checks in and they didn’t realize that we have this entire system (Touchnet) out there that you could do at your desk and not have to stand in line.”

The online options not only benefit students but also departments. Marketplace offers  departments a place for online payments/donations for products such as camp registrations, and testing fees, fundraising events, and more.

“Mustang Marketplace is available to all departments. i.e., MSU Athletics uses it for summer camp registrations, the testing department for paying testing fees and the Nursing department uses it for paying insurances and other products.” Griner said. “Donations to MSU Texas can be made using Marketplace.”

Payment plans, refunds, e-refund setup and 3rd party/parent authorized users setup are options offered through Touchnet Bill Payment Suite. This allows for seamless payments through the student portal.

“Touchnet has a Bill Payment Suite, and within that suite, you can make payments and you can set yourself up on the installment plan,” Griner said. “You can also set up for electronic refunds, see your holds, and print your student account information for a specific terms (and it prints out nicely). As a student you may set up authorized users, such as your Mom, Dad, or your employer, to allow them access to your Bill Payment Suite.”

Registration and tuition payments can become a lot to deal with, but online options help make things smoother. Griner also said for students unable to register due to Business Office holds, they are able to contact the Business Office for a resolution and may have payment arrangements available.

“Kareen LaTouche handles our past due student accounts. This is the time of year when students are pre-registering and some students may owe for previous semesters and have holds on their accounts. With a Business Office hold students are not eligible to enroll for the next semester until they have satisfied their balance,” Griner said. “If students are having difficulties making a payment, they need to set up appointment with Kareen to see if payments arrangements are an option. To schedule an appointment with Kareen, you can go to”