Our view: Let The Wichitan be your voice

University life is filled with extreme highs and lows. There are times you may want to rant and rave about how much you love something, whether it’s the fact that the football team is thriving or that the new sushi place tastes great. Other times, you may want a place to air your grievances perhaps about the lack of parking or college policies you disagree with. Whatever is on your mind, The Wichitan wants to be your voice.

The Wichitan publishes opinion columns online at thewichitan.com along with at least one column published in every issue. Many times, these columns come from within the organization, but this space is meant more to present the thoughts of Mustangs from every part of campus.  This space isn’t just for students either. Columns are accepted from anyone with a connection to MSU Texas; this includes, administration, faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Submitted columns can be written in many different forms, and they do not have to be submitted in AP style. The only reason a column from one of the aforementioned groups may be rejected is if the opinion piece promotes hate, violence or baseless conspiracy. The Wichitan has no political agenda that influences the decision to post a column or not, and the columns posted don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of The Wichitan staff.

To submit a column to The Wichitan, email it to [email protected] along with the author’s name, major, classification (grade) and headshot. You can also call The Wichitan office at (940) 397 – 4704 if you have any questions about submitting a column.