Our view: We need to leave 2020 in the past

2020 was not a great year. We were forced to endure the tragic deaths of beloved figures such as Chadwick Boseman and Kobe Bryant, the human rights atrocities seen at home in the States and abroad in countries like China, Ethiopia, Nigeria and the Nagorno-Karabakh region, the natural disasters that hit Australia and California and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused the death of over a million people worldwide.

College students also get to tack on mostly-virtual learning, fewer breaks and increased school-related stress to that intimidating mess. It wouldn’t be surprising if students who usually have no problem passing their classes have struggled this year to maintain that same level of excellence. For the many students who already struggle with learning disabilities, distraction or personal problems at home, 2020 has made their already difficult school assignments even harder.

With all that said, it’s important to remember that while some of this year’s baggage will carry over, 2021 presents room for growth as well. Take what harsh lessons 2020 has presented and use them to avoid the same pitfalls in 2021. Those who saw their grades dip this semester now know what types of classes and study methods do and don’t work for them, and those who saw their personal lives struggle can take this opportunity to focus on their own mental health. This next year may not be any easier, in fact it could very well get worse, but human beings are resilient by design and no matter how cliche it must sound by now, “We are all in this together.”