Our view: Don’t sacrifice friendship for one election

As MSU Texas students, along with the rest of the country, submit their votes for one of the most divisive elections in modern history, it’s important to remember what really matters.

Regardless of whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump is the president for the next four years, the fact remains that they will most likely only serve the position for one term. The friendships you make in college, however, can last a lifetime. Don’t throw away what could potentially be a very strong relationship simply because the other person didn’t check next to the same name.

While the Commander-in-chief is a very important position, most historians agree that the majority of Americans think the president has more power than they actually do. Conversely, most sociologists and psychologists agree that a social life is vital to an individual’s wellbeing.

Everywhere one looks during this election season, there is hate on both sides of the political spectrum. Voting for Trump doesn’t make someone a fascist racist just as much as voting for Biden doesn’t make another an America-hating communist. In a world where social media seemingly dictates an individual’s every move, it can be hard to remember this world is not only black and white.

When this disastrous whirlwind of an election is over, it’s important to remember that lives will return to normal, or at least what counts as normal in 2020. When that normalcy returns, we’re all going to need a friend by our side.