A Wichitan suggestion: The Mandalorian


The Mandalorian. Photo courtesy of IMBD.com

You’ve seen the “baby Yoda” memes; now it’s time to watch the show they came from.

Despite being set in the familiar Star Wars universe, Disney +’s The Mandalorian doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the famous space saga to be enjoyed. For those who are familiar with the Star Wars films, this space western takes place five years after Return of the Jedi and bridges the gap between the original trilogy and the most recent string of films.

The Mandalorian follows the adventures of an unnamed Mandalorian bounty hunter (Pedro Pascal) as he searches for, and ultimately protects, a child of the same species as the popular Yoda character. Watching the transformation of “Mando” from a ruthlessly efficient hunter to something of a father figure to The Child is one of the true delights of this series. Pascal manages to display an array of emotions using just his body language and voice, despite the character never removing his helmet.

While the titular character and the adorable child steal every scene they’re in, the show has a diverse cast of supporting characters that provide depth and intrigue. Gina Carano plays Cara Dune, a former rebel turned mercenary who crosses paths with the Mandalorian on several occasions. Taika Waititi (of Thor: Ragnarok fame) lends his voice to the bounty hunter droid, IG-11, one of the funniest and most likable characters on the show. Nick Nolte voices Kuiil, an alien farmer and arguably the tale’s wisest character.

John Favreau (director and Happy from the Marvel Cinematic Universe) is at the helm of the show as its director, executive producer, writer and creator. The slow pace of the episodes helps develop the setting and tone of the show, but Favreau intertwines enough action and tender moments to keep the audience invested. Disney’s big budget also helps the show look just as beautiful, if not more so, as any Star Wars production on the big screen. Ludwig Goransson, Grammy award winning composer/producer, follows up on his success from the Black Panther soundtrack to create a theme that makes The Mandalorian feel like a true Western despite its extraterrestrial setting.

The Mandalorian is a thrilling and gripping epic that can captivate any audience, not just Star Wars fans.

Number of episodes:

  • one season
  • eight episodes


  • season two is slated for fall 2020

Where to watch:

  • Disney+