Undergraduates present their research projects and experiences to students and faculty at Celebration of Scholarship in the Clark Student Center, April 25. Photo by Taylor Anderson

Hundreds attend Celebration of Scholarship

April 25, 2019


Maggie Wyatt, sociology junior  | “I participated because it was for my research method class. I learned how to make a poster, some time management skills and how to properly do research.”

Kaelen Vazquez, senior nursing | “I chose to participate because I had a really good idea for a presentation based off of my place of employment and Stephanie Baker, assistant professor of nursing, approached me about getting with Dr. Robin Lockhart, assistant professor of nursing, to do EURECA. I haven’t gotten much out of it so far because this is kinda the half way point, but I’ve had fun putting everything together and I’m looking forward to conducting my interviews and tying everything together.”

Alyssa Dimmick, finance sophomore | “I had to participate because it was a requirement of the class. I learned more about my topic and got to understand what it means to conduct in-depth research about a specific topic.”

Caleb Castillo, respiratory senior | “What really sparked this interest is my dad. He had a transplant back in 2012. I wanted to further educate the lung transplant process and what happens afterwards because he happen to pass away a year later.”

Madison Dodd, respiratory care senior |  “I attended because I actually did the research so thats why I am here.”

Johnny Cognasi, mechanical engineering, senior | “Sponsors and our senior design professors told us what they wanted because it was their idea.”

Kaelen Vazquez, nursing senior, | “I saw the issue of the lack of communication between nurses and physicians in emergency trauma setting.”

Joe Randalo, mechanical engineering senior | “We chose to participate because it was for our senior design group and we had to. We wanted to showcase what we had done this semester.”

Ashly Acevedo, respiratory care senior | “I participated because it’s part of a class we have to take in order to graduate. It was one of our requirements.”

Natalie Ragland, biology junior | “I participated in research because Im really interested in my field of study and research is a good way to really dig deeper and apply what you learn in class. I was able to be a part of something on a small scale that could change the world.”

Savannah Dickson, political science and Spanish freshman | “It was a requirement for one of my classes to present and I enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to. I was really nervous but it was a really good opportunity to learn and grow as a student.”

Luz Maria Garcia, nursing sophomore | “I feel if we keep it up, we can get more people into the nursing program.”

Kelton Vidal, mechanical engineering junior | “I chose to participate mainly for the experience and to have more things to put on my résumé. I also gained more exposure and got to attend conferences and network with other companies and researchers.”

Sarah Kennedy, geoscience senior | “This was a project I have been wanting to do for a while. This is my senior year, so this was my last opportunity before I graduate. I learned a lot about the undergrad research process, how the research forms worked, and also about my topic which was water pollen.”

Prisca Mbonu, biology junior | ” It was a great opportunity to work with faculty members and I learned a lot, because I’m taking some classes like genetics and organic chemistry, so what I do in the lab for this project really helped me with my classes.”

Abigail Reyes, Mechanical Engineering Senior | “I just wanted more hands on experience with the work that I was doing in class. I was able to learn about a lot of different programs that we weren’t learning in our classes and weren’t in our program.”

Cheslin Maloney, biology sophomore | “I had to do it for a class. Presenting can actually be kind of fun and the research topic that I had was good.”

Tarrah Miller, biology senior | “We participated for the exposure and to get our feet wet in research. It was good to find new information, gather new knowledge and just expand our knowledge basically.”

Frida Arredondo, Spanish senior | “I have been the tutor for the department of world languages and cultures for over a year, one of the questions that students would ask me the most was how do I learn vocabulary. I didn’t really know how to answer that question. I could give you a few tips but I wanted to know what I was telling them was actually helpful. Not only did I learn about a lot of different methodologies and techniques I didn’t even know existed. I was able to learn about passive and active learning.

Wenica Brodie, respiratory care senior | “We need to get people to realize that death happens. It’s apart of life, we need to deal with it and talk about it and thats basically why we did this research.”

Jordan Wilson, accounting sophomore | “I participated because it was a class requirement, but I planned on presenting anyway. I’m an Honors Student, and we strive to participate in research projects in a confrence.”


Sandra Efochie, nursing sophomore | “I attended because it’s for a grade for my business class. So far it’s interesting and I get to learn more.”

Emily Chenault, education senior | “I attended because it’s an assignment for my English class with Dr. Sally Henschel, assistant professor of English. I would say it was worth attending because I learned about stuff I didn’t think I would even find interesting.”

Lauren Stancik, geosciences freshman | “I was interested in seeing the different presentations and it was required for me to attend for one of my classes. It was worth it because, you get to see what people are interested in and their research.”

Tomi Oladipo, finance sophomore | “I participated because it’s a extra credit assignment. I just got here but it’s for the extra credit points.”

Griffin Russell, exercise physiology sophomore | “I attended because of extra credit and I think it was worth attending. A lot of the posters were really cool and it was not what I was expecting.”

Kayleigh Stone, political science sophomore | “I attended here because I needed extra credit for a class to be honest.”

Kelsi Boone, criminal justice  junior | “I attended because I was really just walking through and I seen all this going on and decided to stay and check it out.”

A’Lya Figueroa, business management freshman | “I had to attend the EURECA oral and poster presentations for my foundations of business class.”

Anthony Tennison, sports and leisure studies sophomore | “To be honest, I came for extra credit.”

Gloria Olagoke, nursing freshman | “I came for extra credit but it was worth coming because I’m finding out new things.”

Anh Tran, excercise and physiology senior | “I attended to support my friends who presented and have done research. It’s just getting knowledge that I haven’t had.”

Gillan Achord, mechanical engineering freshman | “I attended because my mechanical engineering professor told us to attend for extra credit. I think the event was very informational and it’s worth going for all students.”

Chelcie Kizart, sports and leisure studies senior | “I really only came because my friend needed extra credit and I was with her. It was actually pretty interesting though.”

Jessica Cerda Gamez, nursing sophomore | “I came here because my professor was offering extra credit, but now that I’m here I’m so interested by all the projects. You can really tell these undergraduates worked really hard to get here.”

Skye Waters, nursing freshman | “I had to attend for my class assignment. It’s a research class, interdisciplinary and research thinking. It was worth attending because I got to see everyone’s cute little posters up that they put a lot of hard work into. I’m sure they spent a lot of time on them, and it took a long time to get all of this information gathered. It’s just really cool to see everybody’s research.”

Roysie Simon, management information systems sophomore | “My reason for attending this event is to take down some information for my foundations of business class. You actually learn things from these presentations.”

Maura Gibson, biology sophomore | “It was definitely worth attending. The kind of research going on here is way different than I thought and seeing how my classmates are doing way more advanced stuff than I thought. It is really cool to me.”

Fatima Romo, radiology freshman| “It was mainly for a grade for a class. Also to learn about the different research going on. You learn new things about topics that you didn’t know much about. It’s interesting learning about things you didn’t really think about had correlation.”

Rudy Garcia, business marketing freshman | ” I had to [come] for class. It was organized.”

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