Residents get ready for Tr-Egg hunt

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McCullough Trigg residents are having the first ever “Tr-egg hunt” for their residents outside of Trigg on April 22 at 5:30 p.m.

“I haven’t been easter egg hunting in forever so this is literally going to be so fun. Who says college kids can’t Easter egg hunt? I’m bringing all my friends with me so they can help me collect the most eggs and win the prize,” Kayla, accounting sophomore said.

The people participating will need to meet in the first floor lounge to hear the rules and instructions for candy, eggs, and prizes.

“I use to always eat candy on Easter because they would be in my Easter basket, but I don’t get those anymore so I’m excited to just go and eat the candy,” Jasmine, psychology junior said.

The person who collects the most eggs will win a prize.

Trigg staff are the organizers of this event. Resident assistants are required to hold two programs a month, and one of the ones for this month is an easter egg hunt.

“I never go to anything that the RAs have just because they never seem interesting, or like they will be any fun. This one on the other hand, I’m actually going to go to because who doesn’t love an Easter egg hunt. I’m probably going to give the candy away because I don’t eat candy anymore, but hunting them will be the fun part,” John, undecided freshman said.


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