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A day in the life of Brooke Broadstreet

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A day in the life of Brooke Broadstreet

Brooke Broadstreet, radiology sophomore, talking to Bridge visitors about the spring break mission trip on March 12. Photo by Brianne Fournier

Brooke Broadstreet, radiology sophomore, talking to Bridge visitors about the spring break mission trip on March 12. Photo by Brianne Fournier

Brooke Broadstreet, radiology sophomore, talking to Bridge visitors about the spring break mission trip on March 12. Photo by Brianne Fournier

Brooke Broadstreet, radiology sophomore, talking to Bridge visitors about the spring break mission trip on March 12. Photo by Brianne Fournier

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Living each day with a smile on her face, Brooke Broadstreet, radiology sophomore, is juggling more than classes this semester. Apart from being a full-time student, she is also a Young Life leader and an intern for the Bridge, First Baptist’s college ministry.

“My days are normally pretty busy… I’m always up before 9 a.m.,” said Broadstreet. “I like to start my days off by taking a shower or washing my face and listening to music.”

After classes, Broadstreet is invested in sharing her love for Jesus. Having an internship with First Baptist college ministry, the Bridge, allows her to be more involved with the services and Bible studies.

“On Tuesdays at work we set up everything before the Bridge service,” Broadstreet said. “Thursdays I work 1:30- 5 p.m., during this time we prepare for bible study at life groups for later that night. The past couple of weeks we have been doing a video series, so we watch a video and discuss questions together.”

Broadstreet’s passion is noticeable to those around her like Colton Boyd, mathematics senior and Bridge intern.

“Brooke always works hard to prepare Bible studies, and gives great input on potential events we could do for these college students. God is really working though her, in her position as an intern at the bridge,” Boyd said.

According to her co-worker and boss, Broadstreet’s constant ability to have fun and find the good in all situations helps her succeed.

“Brooke is one of those people that is always fun to be around. It doesn’t matter how bad of a day you’re having she always cheers you up especially while working. She always makes work fun and it doesn’t feel like work when working with her. When we are preparing for Bible study and we are looking at different questions and answers she always makes sure that the question can relate to as many people as possible and how it would potentially impact their life,” said Josiah Beshear education sophomore and Bridge intern.

“Brooke is hilarious and such a joy to work with. It doesn’t matter what kind of day she has had, she comes to work ready to make us laugh. If I had to describe Brooke in one word, it would be joyful. God has given Brooke the ability to find joy in the good times and bad, showing everyone else that her happiness is found in something much deeper than the temporary things of this life,” said Andrew Reilly, Bridge college pastor.

On top of that, Broadstreet spends a lot of time reaching out to high schoolers as a Young Life leader.

“As a young life leader I invest in the lives of high school kids. On Monday night we have club where everyone meets up, and then every Tuesday and Thursday I go to Old High around lunch and try to meet new high school kids to invite,” said Broadstreet.

Her love and care for the teens at Young Life is a major aspect that stands out to Mercy Yermo, humanities and exercise physiology junior and co-leader at Young Life.

“Her heart for the lord is so evident in the way she treats each kid. It doesn’t matter who the kid is, she loves like no other,” Yermo said.

Broadstreet said, being able to be apart of those organizations helps her grow spiritually and make new intentional friendships.

Friday mornings Broadstreet is up and ready for Bible study at 6:30 a.m.

“I definitely have to drink coffee on Friday mornings to get through bible study and classes,” said Broadstreet.

Broadstreet said her motivation to keep up with all of her responsibilities comes from her mother and grandmother.

“I talk to them every single day and call them like five times a day. They motivate me by reminding me that I have a purpose and that I’m here for a reason. Also by reminding me to shine my light, and the light of Jesus to anyone that I meet. They constantly push me to be better not only in school but also in my spiritual life,” Broadstreet said.

To relieve the pressure of classes, Broadstreet said, she will do yoga or hangout with friends.

“Classes can be overwhelming so I try to do yoga in my apartment everyday,” Broadstreet said. “Tuesdays and Wednesdays my friends and I go to lunch, and then walk around Sikes Lake and take the dogs to the dog park.”

Broadstreet said Wednesdays are her more relaxed days.

“On Wednesdays I only have one class so I use the rest of the day to get most of my school work done. Normally I will do homework or study and then do some yoga in my apartment. After, I’ll shower and go to lunch with my friends then usually come back and nap or do more homework. I try to be in bed by 10 p.m. because Thursdays I have my 8 a.m.,” she said.

Broadstreet said when she doesn’t have events on the weekends she won’t be in Wichita Falls.

“On Fridays I either go home or to my grandmas for the weekend,” Broadstreet said. “I love being around and spending time with my family, so I try to go as much as I can.”


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  1. Nancy welch on March 14th, 2019 12:04 pm

    Brooke is a blessing 2 b around. The people at my church love her 2 death. She’s more like their family than a visitor. She’s been attending our church since she was a baby. She’s very knowledgeable in the word and tries 2 live what she teaches.

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A day in the life of Brooke Broadstreet