MY THOUGHTS: Experience the Yogurt Journey

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Yogurt Journey or Yojo, is a popular frozen yogurt store that provides a clean, calm atmosphere where students and others can socialize, study, and have a good time. At 49 cents an ounce, Yojo provides a more affordable price for frozen yogurt than similar vendors.

“We want to provide the best experience possible for our customers. Yogurt Journey provides a chance for people to buy good affordable yogurt in a warm and friendly environment.” Owner Chris Howard said.

Yogurt Journey is privately owned and the owners said they try their best to cater to the wants and needs of the community.

“Being a privately owned business, we like to connect with our customers on a more personal level. Thats one of the many benefits to owning a private business versus a franchise,” Howard said.

Whether it be their freeze dried yogurt rolls or their new flavored cones, the owners said they are open to feedback and suggestions from their customers.

“Yogurt Journey gives people something new and different from any other yogurt store. We take the customers feedback very seriously. We’re always trying to improve both our yogurt, and the overall Yojo experience. The environment along with the employees is very welcoming,” Savana Zamora, Yojo employee, said.

Customers can tell when they walk in that the employees make it a priority to help them feel welcomed and satisfied.

“Yogurt Journey can be a really fun place in town since it’s so colorful. It also provides everyone a place to hang out, study, or pass the time while offering a huge variety of snacks and candy for a low price,” Mason Gholson, Yojo employee, said.

The walls and decor provide an exciting setting for customers and make the overall atmosphere inviting.

“Yogurt Journey is arguably one of the best dessert spots in Wichita Falls. The varieties and options for flavors is fantastic. Every Yojo visit is a happy one, something everyone should experience at least once.” Yojo customer Leah Bullinger said.

Even though Savana Zamora is an employee, she agrees with Leah Bullinger, saying she loves working at Yogurt Journey because she gets to meet someone new every day.

“Ever since I began working here I have grown close to many customers and the other employees. We are like a family, we all care about each other and that’s a great feeling,” Zamora said.

My experiences at Yojo were all positive. The employees were nice and helped with any questions I had. They had a wide variety of toppings and flavors available. They even had dairy free, and vegan options. An experience for everyone.

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