Mustangs Pantry give food insecure students more resources

Students who are food insecure now have access to canned goods and other foods that don’t expire in Room 173 of the Clark Student Center. The Mustangs Pantry had just been an idea until it finally came into action this past Wednesday.

“It was initially designed to help those who are food insecure and need more food but don’t have the money to buy groceries. It was designed to help create a space where people could come in that isn’t judgmental, so they could get groceries,” Student Government Association President Ellie Gunderson said.

Gunderson said she hopes the Mustangs Pantry will create a place for food insecure students to get up to six items as long as they provide a student ID.

“You can get five items with your ID and if you bring your own bag you can get six items,” Gunderson said.

For now, the pantry has boxed and canned goods but has hopes to offer fresh produce once a month.

“The last Wednesday of every month, they’re doing fresh produce in the pantry like fresh fruit for an additional option,” Gunderson said.

Cynthia Cummings, special events coordinator, said she wanted to stress that the pantry is intended for students who are food insecure.

“The food pantry is mainly for students who cannot afford to buy it and not as much for students who can afford it,” Cummings said.

While Chartwells, the company that runs campus dining, provided the first items, Cummings said she hopes to get student organizations and even local churches involved in donating to assist the pantry in staying up and running.

“The pantry is meant to be an ongoing thing but we could really use the help of fundraising by student organizations, so we can continue,” Cummings said.

In addition to fundraising opportunities, there will be collection bins placed around campus for any student to have an opportunity to donate.

“If you have extra canned goods you can just toss them into the bins without having to fill out any paperwork or sign anything,” Gunderson said.