Woodwind Chamber Ensemble performs Nov. 14

brittni vilandre

The Woodwind Chamber Ensemble filled the ears of their audience on Nov. 14 in the Akin auditorium with pieces dating back to the 1700s. Even with a last minute student replacement due to an emergency, the recital still managed to grab the attention of music connoisseurs and grade-driven students.

Andrew Allen, assistant professor of music, said he believes they did what was necessary with the last minute change in the performance. 

“That kind of thing happens, people get sick this time of the year and there was just an emergency that came up,” Allen said. “It’s what happens, you’re in show biz, the show must go on so we do whats necessary.”

People of the public and students gathered into Akin to listen to the performance that left Allen proud of his students.

“It went pretty darn well, in live performance. There are always a couple little things, because we’re human beings,” Allen said. “However, the students were prepared very well and I thought they performed excellently.”

Maggie Smith, athletic training freshman, attended the recital as part of her three concerts required for her music appreciation class, and found herself intrigued after stepping out of her comfort zone.

“It was interesting and something different than what I usually do,” Smith said.

The west saxophone quartet took stage as the first performance of the night, performing Sailor’s Hornpipe by Henry Cowell. Smith felt this piece helped the recital come together and was a great way to start the show.

“The way that they all worked together on it sounded really good,” Smith said.

Rhandi Jones, musical performance freshman, has been practicing two months straight and feels confident in her performance.

“It went great and I feel good about it,” Jones said.

The Saxophone Ensemble performed the National Emblem by Edwin E. Bagley as the final closing piece to the recital.

Jones found this to be her favorite performance of the night to perform with her fellow peers and enjoyed the variety it brings to the ensemble.

“It’s fast and it actually sounds very good for a saxophone ensemble,” Jones said.

The students focus on endless practices every week before the performance immediately after they are given their piece. The pieces were picked specifically for the each ensemble by Allen.

“With each group, each quartet, each piece was great for where they are as musicians right now,” Allen said. “I picked the ensemble pieces because I liked all three of them, the large ensemble pieces.”

The Kiowa Clarinet Quartet performed Divertimento by Alred Uhl.

The Clarinet Choir performed Polonaise and Presto by W.A. Mozart.

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