Spanish Club leaders looking for new members

Yareli Lora

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Joining a student organization may be the last thing on students’ minds as they begin to adjust to a hectic schedule, but that should not be the case. One organization in particular, Spanish Club, is accepting new members.

Vice President Norma Castro, Spanish junior, encourages students to attend a meeting to learn more about what the organization entails.

Castro believes it is important to be a part of an organization that is diverse and provides growth and opportunities.

Mario Ramirez, director of student development and orientation, said there are about 100 student organizations on campus.

“There are many clubs on campus, but Spanish Club has given me the opportunity to take a leadership role within a short period of time and meet new people along the way,” Castro said.

Castro joined Spanish Club in fall 2016 and recently became the vice president. She said Spanish Club is open to anyone that has a passion for Spanish and the culture surrounding it.

“I want to be a teacher and being involved in this club and taking on responsibilities of vice president has taught me so much. When we face the real world, we have to communicate with a lot of people that we don’t know and being involved in clubs with complete strangers helps us get out of our shell more and have a better idea of what the real world is like after we graduate,” Castro said.

Student organization involvement has helped Castro learn skills such as communicating, time management, organizing and balancing life and school — all of which she plans to implement into her profession.

“I know I’ll be applying all of the skills that I have learned from being in a club into the real world,” Castro said.

Along with developing skills, members can expect to explore various aspects of culture and language while connecting with other members, as well as getting involved with the local Hispanic community by volunteering at local events.

“I really want to help other members to find and have a voice in the organization and help build confidence while learning about Hispanic culture, as well as getting them involved with the Hispanic community,” Spanish Club President Selena Moreno, marketing junior, said.

In the past, active members of Spanish Club have volunteered in Calle Ocho, a Latin festival downtown.

“I was in Spanish Club when I was in high school and I’ve always enjoyed doing volunteer work, so when I  joined Spanish Club here, I was lucky enough to be able to help the Hispanic community by volunteering at amazing, big events,” Moreno said. “I believe it’s important to to know about other cultures other than your own because we talk to different people with different backgrounds everyday,” Moreno said.

Spanish Club members invite anyone who wants to learn about Hispanic culture and learn Spanish in an informal, interactive way by participating in activities along with helping the community.

A Spanish Club meeting will be held for those who are interested in joining or want to get further information on Thursday, Sept. 14 at 7 p.m. in the Clark student center, Caddo room 193.


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