Fantasy of Lights spreads holiday cheer

The Wichitan

OUR VIEW: Everyone should take a walk around campus to see the MSU-Burns Fantasy of Lights this winter.

Before Thanksgiving break, the annual MSU-Burns Fantasy of Lights opened on Nov. 21. With 20,000 beautiful lights and 35 entertaining, exciting holiday displays, this is an event that everyone should attend. The 42-year tradition brings the community of Wichita Falls together with not just each other, but with our campus as well. 

The smiles and giggles of children looking at their favorite holiday movie display, the couples (both young and old) going on casual dates to look at the Christmas lights, the families enjoying a night out together — Fantasy of Lights presents a venue for all of this to happen. 

With finals quickly approaching and stress levels spiking significantly, it’s important to take a study break every now and then. Take a friend, significant other, or fellow all-night-cramming partner out for some fresh air and to see the gorgeous lights. And make sure to say a quick thank you to Dirk Welch, director of the career management center, for a fantastic job on his first run as the new Fantasy of Lights coordinator.