Legacy Hall marks signs of growth

The Wichitan

Our view: Though unfinished, Legacy Hall makes campus even better. 

After 15 months of construction and $35.5 million later, 492 students have a brand new place to call home — Legacy Hall. While it is not entirely finished yet, the parts that are finished make great additions to the campus and the opening of the living learning community on Sept. 6 will bring more opportunities for students to come together. 

There was plenty of potential for move-in day to be a complete disaster. With Legacy’s entrance located right in the center of Louis J. Rodriguez Dr., the entire road could’ve been blocked off — which would’ve made moving in much more difficult, especially for residents in Sunwatcher Village. But the Office of Housing and Residence Life had more than 100 volunteers on hand — either directing traffic, helping move people in, or taking out the trash — making the move-in process go smoothly. 

Some students have complained about the building not being completely finished, but that was, at least partially, out of MSU’s control. Weather and manufacturer delays held progress back, and while that is unfortunate, it doesn’t detract from how nice Legacy is, both inside and outside. If you haven’t taken a look inside, you should.  

The constant construction may be considered an eyesore, but it is also a sign of growth, which is not a bad thing in this case. We are trying to expand, and that takes time. Patience is important from students, faculty and staff. 

Legacy Hall is a beautiful addition to our skyline and we are excited to see the completely finished product next week.