Move-out ends May 13; move-in begins Aug. 20

Kristen Gregg

James Huynh, nursing junior, helps Clint Coulter, Pierce residence hall director, search through the Pierce residents' keys on Move-In Day August, 18, 2015. Photo by Rachel Johnson
James Huynh, nursing junior, helps Clint Coulter, Pierce residence hall director, search through the Pierce residents’ keys on Move-In Day Aug. 18, 2015. Photo by Rachel Johnson

Finals week is three weeks away, which means move-out dates are trailing right behind. Now is the time to make summer and fall living arrangements.

Associate Director of Housing Angie Reay said official move-out day is May 13. However, this summer, if students live in Sundance Court or Sunwatcher village and plan on living in the same room in the fall, they can leave their stuff in their room over the summer for $150. 

“We have something good going on for students this year,” Reay said. “Think of cost of gas, time, labor, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of it.”

There is also summer storage rates that students have been signing up for daily. The storage rooms, which are $60 for the summer, are located in Sunwatcher. 

“The units are huge,” Reay said. “The dimensions are 4 feet by 4 feet, and the ceilings are 8-10 feet high so you can stack things up pretty high.”

The unit comes with a personal key and are filling up right now. 


Official move-in for the 2016 semester is Aug. 20. 

The new hall will not be ready for move in until then, so students that come to campus early like athletics, athletic training, and international students will be temporarily placed in Pierce or Killingsworth halls. 

“We’re actually bumping move-in day up this year,” Reay said. “It will help a lot of people having it the Saturday before classes, instead of the usual Tuesday before. It’s hard for parents to leave work during the middle of the week to move in their kids.”

The following week, Aug. 25-28, is the Hotter-N-Hell Hundred, so the availability for hotel rooms for parents would be slim. 

If students need to move in early and are not approved, they should  talk to the housing office about it.

“Typical early move in students are cheerleaders, band students, and athletic students,” Reay said. “We have reached out to the student development office to give student organizations a heads up with the fall move-in plans.”

Students helping with move-in are also allowed to move in early.

Megan Frazier, freshman in dental hygiene, said she believes this will alter her schedule.

“It is ridiculous that housing is forcing sophomores to live in dorms again,” Frazier said. “Then on top of that, trying to charge even more for those needing to move in early for Greek/university reasons.”

Although there is a waiting list to move into the new residence hall, Frazier is not so thrilled.

“Since the new dorms only have a community kitchen, they’re forcing us to have a meal plan as well. So that’s more money and unwanted food for next year,” Frazier said.