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Newspapers are fueled by what the patrons want to read

Kaja Salsman

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I’ve heard, from multiple sources, that everyone in the Wichitan hates everyone else and is out to drag all organization names through the mud.

To be honest, that’s all a little exaggerated.

No, we don’t hate everyone.

Yes, we report quite a bit of negative news.

But, which news sources (you know, the ones that get the most website hits, the tabloids, US Weekly, etc.) don’t run negative stories?

Negative stories are what sell.

Nobody cares to read about how Chi Omega raised another $6,000 doing Swishes for Wishes…just like they did last year and the year before that and probably the year before that too.

Sure, it’s feel good stuff.

But since when does feel-good stuff make the news unless it’s astounding and not the same-old, same-old?

I will be the first to admit that I am hypocritical as well as judgemental.

And if you don’t think you are then you had better re-evaluate yourself or you might as well start a new religion…because you just may be the new Messiah.

But seriously, why is it that because negative stories are printed (stories of fact or opinion, for that matter), people throw fits and think that they were printed as a personal attack.

News is not a personal attack.

New is news.

Dr. Rogers has made quite a few mistakes and spent quite a bit of money in the past few years.

Why should The Wichitan NOT report those types of stories?

How would things be if the stories weren’t reported?

There would be no news.

Would anyone read US Weekly if it were just stories about how Angelina raises her 7,000 children?


Is the New York Times one of the most respected news papers because it only prints positive stories on everyone?

Does President Obama think the New York Times is out to get him because they wrote about his errors?

Of course not.

News is news and public figures, as well as organizations, are in the limelight and when mistakes are made, there will be a reporter to write about it.

Shouldn’t each negative news story or piece be motivation to improve, to stop making the same errors?

Instead of taking the story like a personal attack, the smart thing to do would be to look at it objectively and realize that facts were reported. The facts were taken from information given.

Just because something is outlandish or negative doesn’t mean it is “slander”.

What other information are reporters supposed to obtain other than the facts that are available and given?

Dr. Rogers is a public figure and his actions are in the public eye. His spending habits are matters of the public.

As for Greek life, the philanthropy of the Greeks is obvious to the public, the lower-than-average median GPA of the Greeks is also public knowledge.

Why should it not be reported?

Quotes are quotes and people will backtrack on what they say.

Unfortunately bad things happen and mistakes are made.

But news papers, including The Wichitan, are there to report the mistakes, as well as the important victories.

What would the campus be like if The Wichitan didn’t exist?

There were out cries like “why does the Wichitan exist again?” and other things such as “what a worthless paper”.

Now, think about it, who on campus would report the news…even the bad things?

Would you?

Would you step up to the plate and take the good, the bad and the ugly and put it down on paper for the world (or community) to see?

If you would then why aren’t you doing it?

Without the paper reporting the negative stories would you ever know about things that go on around campus, or went on? Would you even care about the mistakes Dr. Rogers has made?

If you don’t care about the mistakes, what does that show about your interest in the university?

Sure, you want your degree. Want to get in and get out. But, everyone who attends MSU is an important part of the community. And why shouldn’t the community members be informed?

So no, we don’t hate everyone.

But, personally, I think everyone has room to improve. Including me.

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10 Responses to “Newspapers are fueled by what the patrons want to read”

  1. alumnus on May 2nd, 2012 1:24 pm

    The title of this editorial should be 19 Questions. Without the questions listed, it would have been very short indeed. This is a lazy attempt at commentary of a dead-horse topic.

  2. worthless on May 2nd, 2012 2:38 pm

    Your story once again proves the Wichitan to be worthless. There is absolutly no attempt to put any effort into defending your paper. I for one would love to hear about how Chi Omega has raised what is now probably over $50,000 for Make A Wish. That is important to the readers, We want to know the great things that are being accomplished by our fellow classmates. I would rather read about our alumni and our classmates then articles over why you think a movie is good, or what make up is best. Sure, it is important to know some of the negative things about our school such as events like the Harvey House inncident, but I think the Wichitan is going overboard on trying to pull the rug out on administration, especially Dr. Rogers. The Wichitan should still have the respect for our President and realize that if it wasnt for his dedication and hard work for MSU, things such as the Wichitan wouldnt exsist. I get that drama sales, but so does positivity…

    You put “But, personally, I think everyone has room to improve. Including me.” What is the Wichitan going to do to improve? You seem to understand that most of the student body is starting to consider your paper to be garbage, now is the time to make those improvements before you have a new batch of MSU students in the fall who will fall into the bad rep that the Wichitan has started getting. And as you know since you seem to report on bad reps all the time, it is hard to get rid of… so now is the time to make those changes.

  3. Sara Jean Roberts on May 3rd, 2012 9:32 am

    The Wichitan does a terrific job of reporting news and that is the role of media. Hence, your unintelligent comments is out of place.

  4. worthless on May 3rd, 2012 10:11 am

    I would love to see the Wichitan acutally write a story that has some significant type of encouragment and postive aspect among the MSU Community. The only thing good that the Wichitan does, is point out the negativity. I know that Mass Comm does not just teach to be a Debby Downer but that is the impression everyone has of them. That is the impression that they will continue to have until they start being reporters who knows how to be unbias towards situations and quit being a negative corespondant of my university. Just an FYI, i wrote an article for the Wichitan once and it was denied because it was said to be “postive and I dont think student want to hear good things, they like negative”. That was an exact quote. The role of media is to conduct ALL types of stories not just negative personal attacks.

  5. Sara Jean Roberts on May 4th, 2012 7:20 am

    I apologize that your article on “puppy-dog tails” was overlooked even though I’m certain the staff had a decent reason not to run it. Still, the awesome Wichitan has published numerous positive articles about the MSU community such as Relay For Life, Great Day of Service, Habitat for Humanity, Sikes Lake cleanup above others. Maybe you should actually read the newspaper more often and thoroughly instead of crying of spilled Greek milk. Okay?

  6. respectonlyrealstories on May 2nd, 2012 5:48 pm

    Once again The Wichitan is dragging the Greek system into a negative article because you have nothing else to write about – find a new organization to bully. You can defend your actions on writing negatives articles all you want, but people DO enjoy reading positive and inspiring stories.

  7. Sara Jean Roberts on May 3rd, 2012 9:34 am


  8. FormerGreekGirl on May 3rd, 2012 2:33 pm

    I strongly believe that The Wichitan does a splendid job of reporting the news that takes place on the MSU campus, especially where the Greek System is concerned. I used to be a member of one of the Panhellenic Counsel Sororities on campus, and I must say, I’m glad that I’m out! If only outsiders knew what took place at the parties: two girls I know where drugged and date-raped by a Fraternity member, and it was common knowledge that this man had a habit of drugging girls. The older sisters told us “Don’t go upstairs with him. Don’t take drinks from anyone but us.”

    It’s really a shame that the Greek community isn’t called out on its true colors more often!!

    Great job, Wichitan!

  9. Michael on May 3rd, 2012 4:39 pm

    FormerGreekGirl, you are my new hero(ine).

    I can’t believe all these whiners. “Oh boo hoo! The big bad Wichitan is picking on us again. They’re soooo mean!! They’re soooo negative!! Why won’t they be more positive??!!! WAAAAAHHHHH!!!”

    Seriously, STFU, babies.

  10. FormerGreekGirl on May 3rd, 2012 5:16 pm

    They just don’t want to be called out because they know that if someone dug deeper into their “mixers” or their “socials”, all a viewer would see is the stereotypical image of Greek Life. Now, I don’t have any experience with the multicultural organizations, but when I was in, the NPC sororities were a sorry sight.

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