Prospective students attend Discover MSU education showcase

Emily Carroll

Discover MSU continued with its second to last showcase March 4 in Clark Student Center with some 35 prospective education students. Students took part in a Q&A, career fair and got to visit a school to see the kind of environment they would do their clinical teaching. 

“This is a tight-knit group of students that are very devoted to their field already, so we have a lot of students that aren’t even on the fence, come to discover education because they know what they want to do,” Assistant Director of Admissions Dustin Webb said.

Students talked with employees of the school district at the career fair, which is conducted by Director of Career Management Dirk Welch.

“We’ve always teamed up with the student career fair cause it’s kind of cool that prospective students are looking at their next four years right now,” Webb said. “They also get to see what happens at the end of that four years of getting hired.”

Tracy Catlin, counselor at Iowa Park High School, brings students to Discover MSU six times a year.

“The students love it, the opportunity to really see what goes on in college, to talk to professors in the field that they are leaning to and get information for what they’re interested in is awesome,” Catlin said.

One prospective student said visiting the campus and attending Discover MSU confirmed her thoughts to come to campus for her college career.

“I  feel like the education professor we saw really knew what he was doing so that just really made me feel confident,” Aledo High School junior Madison Gore said.

Education junior Carolyn Sims, an A-Team member that works with admissions giving campus tours, helps with Discover MSU. 

“I’ve have such a good experience at MSU the last three years so far that it’s easy for me to relate to students and talk to them about my experiences here.”

MSU Chartwells catered the event with breakfast, lunch and dessert for $664.

The Health Science Discover MSU event, the last one of the recruitment season, will be March 11.

CORRECTIONS: An earlier version of this story stated that the final Discover MSU event included 51 students. The final Discover event has not happened yet. Approximately 51 people attended the March 4 event for education students. The Wichitan regrets the errors.