Einstein Bros. Bagels slated to open in November

Yvette Ordonez

According to students, Einstein Bros. Bagels, now expected to open in November, might be the best thing to happen in the Dillard building thus far.

“Oh yeah. I’m planning on eating there at least two times a week,” Patrick Barker, senior in marketing, said.

But it is not just bagels they sell. Students can expect to see coffee, sandwiches, cookies, cold drinks, and other snacks as part of the addition.

“We desired a full-service coffee shop to serve the northern portion of the campus’ academic core, but we also wanted the location to serve retail food items throughout the day and our resident students to have the ability to use their meal plans,” Matthew Park, vice president of student affairs, said. “This should include fresh-baked bagels, beverages, breakfast sandwiches, handcrafted lunch, and sweets/snacks.”

Barker said he is excited for the opening.

“I had Einstein Bros. back in July for the first time and it was amazing. I ate until I couldn’t anymore and I still wanted to keep eating,” Barker said.

Park said students should expect to see the staple items, similar to other colleges and universities which have implemented this concept.

“I must admit, I am not a coffee drinker nor breakfast enthusiast, but I am really looking forward to enjoying some bagels fresh from the oven with a double-whipped shmear,” Park said. “A good gourmet bagel sandwich for lunch also sounds tasty.”

Students that have tried it can say only positive things about it making its way to the campus.

“I get a sandwich with the jalapeño bagel as the bread. I don’t remember the name of it, but it may be the best sandwich of all time,” Barker said.

Even the students who have yet to try it have been infected by the excitement.

Caitlin Hartman, graduate student, has been told about it by her friends. She said she is also curious to try it.

“They told me that they’re delicious and that they offer good smears with the bagels. I’m curious to try them. I typically like toasted Asiago bagels with cream cheese,” Hartman said.

And Asiago Cheese Bagel are on Einstein’s menu, only a 7-minute walk from anywhere on campus.

“All of my classes are actually in Dillard. If I liked it, I could easily make it a regular breakfast spot,” Hartman said.

However, the construction has posed some challenges for faculty in the building particularly those around Room 133 which is being partially taken over by the bagel shop.

“Certainly with construction there’s a little bit of inconvenience associated with it, but I haven’t been receiving any complaints,” Park said who noted that the space required for Einsteins was more than the space the Starbucks previously located in that space required. “The good news is that space that was there was not being utilized for anything, it was an auxiliary room.”

Professors note noise arising from construction, but agree it could be worse.

“I don’t think it’s an issue. It’s an issue if you allow it to be an issue,” said Christopher D’Amico, a mass communication lecturer. “We have to roll with the punches.”

SCHEDULE: The starting hours of operation will be Monday- Thursday 7:30 a.m.-7 p.m. and Friday 7:30 a.m.- 4 p.m. during the long semesters. It will be closed Saturday and Sunday.

Additional reporting by Jake Lanoux