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Who needs talent these days anyway?

Kaja Salsman

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Throughout history music has brought together people of different faiths, ideals, communities and nationalities.

True talent used to be recognizable instantly and computers weren’t used to infuse talent into a bland and otherwise unrecognizable voice.

Today it seems almost any person can make it into the spotlight, talent or not.

I’m not saying there isn’t talent out there. What I’m saying is the talent is so swallowed up by the pathetic excuses for “singers” that it is difficult to sift through the crap to get to the gold.

To become a “superstar” one should possess all the qualities of a musically talented public figure: personality, passion, wow factor, public appeal, good looks and talent.

From what I’ve been seeing it has been not so much about talent in the entertainment industry, but the concentration has been more on the wow factor and good looks.

The most recent flaw in the entertainment system: Nicki Minaj.

She has talent when she raps and even has a decent singing voice. The problem is in the execution of her talent.

She doesn’t showcase it. At all.

Instead of concentrating on her talent she instead concentrates on her strangely round breasts, barbie-like hair and neon colored lips.

Her music videos are a strange mix between Barbies, Disney, Lady Gaga and a burlesque show.

Why? What is the point?

Am I the only one who notice this and thinks it is totally unnecessary and over the top?

I know over the top and “pushing the envelope” have been goals of the music industry for a long time, but clouding talent by these elaborate shows of “who can do it bigger” are not showing well on performers.

What happened to the days where talents like Etta James, Louis Armstrong, Edith Piaf, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin ruled the airwaves?

Instead of voices we expect costumes. That’s not what music is about.

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Who needs talent these days anyway?