Fun in Wichita Falls: The Plex

Katrina Prehoda

The Plex. From roller-skating to bumper boats, to an indoor arcade to outdoor mini-golf, it’s the perfect date night.

Kirstie Lipp, a server at Chili’s, usually attends The Plex with her fiancé, Tom.

“Mini-golf, go-carts and lazer tag. Those are all things I’m really good at,” said Lipp, “I like the competitive nature associated with the games, because my fiancé and I like to bet and see who will win out of the two of us.”

For other attendees, their biggest reason for visiting is to do something fun with a group of friends.

Samantha Campbell, birth parent counselor and Plex guest, said, “I’ve been there two or three times, back when I was attending MSU, to play mini golf, go-carts, and hit up the batting cages with friends.”

Since The Plex’s grand opening in 1995, no new new rides or attractions have been added, but annual renovations help keep everything working well.

Paula Hill, vice president of operations, said, “Most people don’t realize how much hard work and effort goes into making this place look good every day.” Hill has been working with The Plex since for over 18 years, since she started in 1997 as a part-time.

Throughout her 18 years of employment, Hill has gotten the chance to observe first-hand what type of crowd is predominantly drawn to The Plex.

“Primarily families with children are drawn here,” Hill said, “because we have a big room that can be rented out for birthday parties.” “As for the college student population,” Hill said, “we don’t see many college students; we see more kids in middle school because this is like their cool hangout spot on the weekends.”

Price is a concern for most college students. With admission at The Plex ranging from $5-$22, it makes it difficult for students to justify spending the money. The Plex offers printable coupons for $1 off of bumper boats, mini-golf, lazer tag and the roller plex.

Lipp said if she had known about the coupons, she would have made more of an effort to visit.

“I already texted my fiancé and told him we are going next Thursday, our next day off together,” Lipp said.

Hill said she thinks the idea of having a college discount is wonderful.

“I know college students are financially burdened, “ said Hill, “The idea of having a student discount or night dedicated to them would benefit.”

Campbell and Lipp both agreed on one thing: recommending The Plex to others due to their variety of rides and attractions.

Campbell, a 2014 MSU graduate, said “I would recommend it to the college crowd because it has a variety of things for everyone to enjoy, which makes it fun to go with a group of friends.”

Lipp said, “I would recommend this place to people of all ages because they have something for everyone, as well as some of the best pizza in town.”



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