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Healthy resolutions leave gym-goers packed like sardines

Kaja Salsman

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Every time I’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution, I’ve broken it. Truthfully, I haven’t made many New Year’s resolutions due to the fact that the self-control required to keep to my resolution has always been more than I could muster. This year, though, I’m following it through. My goal? To lose 20 pounds by spring break! I’m four pounds down – that means 16 to go!

But my resolutions aren’t the point. The point is many other people have made similar, if not the same, resolution! And, frankly, it’s showing.

Three weeks into 2012, the gyms are still packed. Usually the resolutioners start dwindling by this time, but not this year. The pack is still going strong.

The MSU Wellness Center is offering classes, just like it has every other semester, but the difference this time is the classes are packed to the breaking point.

Yoga has seen an extreme spike in patrons. What looks like a large empty room before the class becomes a cramped, and definitely stuffy closet. Close to 50 people show up to a Yoga class, and yes, this includes males!

It seems that most classes are filled to the brim. Spin classes are, as always, popular at all hours, aerobics classes are hoppin’, and the dance classes are popular with the new and the seasoned.

On one hand it is absolutely FANTASTIC that so many people are working toward bettering their health.

On the other hand, I feel cramped and claustrophobic! So what’s the solution to these overflowing classes? Unfortunately we can’t get them to build another classroom, even though it is needed.

However, there is a divider between the open exercise room and the spin room. The divider actually moves, making the room bigger.

So why won’t someone move it during the classes that need more space?

It only takes a few minutes, and, as far as I know, all the Wellness Center attendees are mature enough not to bring hammers and screwdrivers into the session to purposefully break and tinker with the spin bikes during the class.

Something needs to be done instead of turning away handfuls of people trying to better themselves!

I’m sure that not every class needs more space, but for the classes that do need it, why not take the few minutes to give everyone a chance to participate?

Enabling, not disabling, that is the key to running a successful workout center.

It doesn’t seem like a lot; to ask that ten more students are able to join a workout class.

It doesn’t cost the school anything to move a room divider.

It isn’t as though there is demand for another class to be offered for each overcramped session.

The problem is a simple fix. A 5 minute solution that will allow classes to not be packed into a workout room like sardines in a can, make patrons comfortable in their environment, and, frankly, the temporary extra space could even bring in more visitors to the Wellness Center and encourage people to workout more often.

It’s the little things that count to make a great university. The little things like towels, smiles, and, in this case, a goal to enable every student, alumni, and faculty member to make themselves healthier.

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Healthy resolutions leave gym-goers packed like sardines