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Rick Perry has been throwing a slew of ideas around since the beginning of the presidential debates.

His most recent ideas, however, are not only radical, but also not very believable.

Perry stated that part of his plan would be to cut the president’s salary in half until the federal budget is balanced.

Currently Perry has a salary of $150,000 a year. The presidential salary is currently $400,000. If Perry were elected president he would, if he were to follow his plans, be making only $50,000 more than he is now.

That’s not much of a raise for that big of an office jump.

The question is, would Perry really be willing to take a salary of barely any more than he’s making now while having so many more responsibilities and eyes on him at all times?

To be quite honest, I’m not sure too many people would follow through with such a fantastic salary cut if they were in the position to make the decision.

Not only did Perry propose cutting the presidential salary, he also said that he would cut the salary of Congress and make Congress a part-time job.

Part-time Congress, now that’s a Democracy.

Oh wait…aren’t there thousands of bills in line to be voted on? Isn’t there a plethora of problems to solve right now?

Making Congress part-time will make them work that way…part-time. Bills will take twice as long to go through Congress. The time spent debating and hashing out details will only happen half as often as it does now.

Does America really need a backup like this? It’s a traffic jam waiting to happen.

Perry also stated that he would like to dismantle three federal agencies: the departments of Commerce, Energy and Education.

I guess America doesn’t need education laws now, since everything is running smoothly in the world of teaching.

Where exactly would Perry place the 65,000 employees who would be out of jobs without these departments?

Last I heard, the unemployment rate was still sky-high, but I suppose Perry thinks that displacing the people won’t really make a difference.

That’s not exactly what I was looking forward to with a new president.

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