MSU community fails to recognize veterans

Terron McCullough

As part of a recognition nearly a century old, Veterans Day gives citizens a chance to acknowledge the contributions of members of the armed services.

But not MSU.

“California is extremely involved, there is absolutely nothing here,” Donnie Cummins, psychology junior, said.

“This community needs to get a grip. I was the vice president of the veterans organization in California. There were 1,300-1,800 veterans in California last year. Many veterans come back and were coming back who attended the school,” Cummins, a disabled veteran, said.

Jennifer Holt, psychology freshman, said she believes that a lot more should be done to recognize the veterans, including Daniel Ferguson, a family friend and deceased AF veteran.

“Me and my family sometimes babysit their pet pig, Maxwell,” Holt said. ‘“Danny was a funny and amazing guy. He died in Fort Hood protecting people from a shooter by blocking the door with his body so the shooter, nor bullets, wouldn’t hurt the people. He was a hero and every country should support the veterans.”’

Bruno Juarez, marketing junior, doesn’t know any veterans but said he believes they should receive more acknowledgement.

“We should have something here on campus to acknowledge them,” Juarez said. “It would be cool to meet one. I could ask him questions, and I don’t know, maybe one day might change my mind to be one and help people.”