Students donate blood to saves lives, beat rival school

David Joseph

Forty-six students who donated blood as part of the Texas Blood Institute’s Blood Drive said they were pleased with the process.

The blood drive is also now a competition, the Highway 287 Blood Battle, between rival school West Texas A&M University to see which school can collect the most blood during the week. The winner will be announced in Canyon, Texas, on Oct. 11 during the football match between MSU and West Texas A&M, and the winner will receive a large traveling trophy—until next year when the blood drive competition resumes.

Theolette Simon, senior in management, said, “I donated blood to help someone in the Wichita Falls and surrounding areas. If I can help someone without knowing, I think God would bless me.”

Students who wish to donate blood must weigh more than 110 lbs. and be considered healthy.”

Simon said she heard about the blood drive from other friends and she saw flyers displayed in Clark Student Center.

“I went in the room and they let us sit for a bit and after called me up and dig me with a needle and take out blood. It was an easy process. The nurses are so kind and gentle,” Simon said.

Melissa Cabral, senior in marketing said, “I have never donated blood before, this is my first time and I am happy to give blood because it will help someone in our community.”

Cabral said, “At first I thought it would have been a painful feeling giving blood however, I gave the blood and I did not felt anything.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer Risinger, blood program consultant and account manager at Texas Blood Institute said, So far the turnout has been positive. We have had a slower than normal response this time, but are hoping that as the word spreads, more people will donate later in the week.”

The Texas Blood Institute has a target during the four days period while at MWSU.

“Our target is collecting at least 125 points of blood which we will provide every single drop of blood to Wichita Falls,” Risinger said. “We will also send blood with deploying soldiers,” said Risinger.

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