Counseling Center begins academic workshop series

Mandi Elrod

Time management, for the average college student, may seem like a foreign language.

Between work, class and studying there’s hardly any time for extra activities. The campus Counseling Center holds a series of lectures, titled “Four steps to a 4.0,” during the month of February.

The first workshop covered time management and organization. Licensed counselor Vikki Cravers used the hour to explain the benefits of using a planner.

“Try to not think of the planner as something bad. Think of it as a map that gets you where you’re going,” Chaviers said. “Eventually you’ll find that knowing exactly what you’re doing day-to-day becomes beneficial in your grades and your social life.”

Chaviers said it’s a good idea to go online and print a copy of the school’s academic calendar. The calendar lists all of the important dates through the end of the semester. The main thing you can do to prioritize your time is to keep ahead of events. With this list you will know when midterms, finals and vacation times are. The next step is to give yourself different priorities every day.

“These priorities don’t have to be all academic, make sure and leave room for yourself as well. Nobody can survive on just schoolwork all the time,” Chaviers said.

Only a few students showed up, and For those who went, the lecture was not only helpful, but full of information. Many classes on campus actually offer extra credit to those who attend all four sessions during the month.

“I did attend the workshop today to get extra credit, but I actually enjoyed learning more about managing my time,” Scheme Maxwell, freshman in nursing, said. “A lot of this I actually already did, but I learned some new techniques that I plan to use.”

Academic Success Series continues this month

  • Test Anxiety Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2-3 p.m.
  • Career and Educational Development Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2-3 p.m