Yucha auf dem Oktoberfest mit MSU Studenten

MSU Rugby team members Matt Davis and Simba Musrurwa volunteer at Wichita Falls Oktoberfest. (Photo by Hannah Hofmann)

The German air force and the German population at Sheppard Air Force Base brought the mini version of Munich’s Oktoberfest to Wichita Falls on Saturday night at J.S. Bridwell Agricultural Center.

“I probably won’t ever get to go to Germany,” Junior Clark Anderson said. “So this celebration might be the closest I ever get. It’s really cool to get an inside look on how German people actually live.”

The night began with the mayor of Wichita Falls Glen Barham opening the first keg of beer, an Oktoberfest tradition.

This years Oktoberfest had authentic German cuisine including bratwursts, styled potatoes, pretzel and sauerkraut along with beer made in Germany.

“Trying all of the different beers was an adventure within itself,” Senior Roger Charles said.

Bavarian dance was also explored at the event with the Taxanisher Schuhplatter Verein from Dallas.

The dancers wore period costumes from the Allgäu region in southwestern Baveria.

The women’s tracht were styled in the classic gray skirt, a while trachten blouse, a green apron and black Allgäuer trachten shoes.

For fest occasions, the male dancers wear a single red flower in their Allgäuer hat with Gamsbart, a large brush-like ornament worn on the right side.

“Oktoberfest was really one big party that the whole city was invited to,” senior Jessica Shelton said. “With the dancing, the music and the food, it was an eye opening experience.”

Midwestern’s Rugby team was one of the hundreds of volunteers that work the German festival.

Seniors Selena Houston and Reed Jones both said they learned a few German words at the event.

“If I ever go to Germany, I’ll know how to say hello, goodbye and I’ll have another beer,” Houston said.