Fazekas’ bumpy ride to signing with development league

About 18 Mustangs for the men’s soccer team are playing in the Premier Development League this summer to help maintain physical conditioning and prepare for the upcoming season. Noah Fazekas, mass communication junior and goalkeeper, signed with Grand Rapids in Michigan for the summer.“I'm signing … [Read more...]

Africa, America: Things are not always what they seem

Let’s take it back to August 2013, for a second. Aug. 13, to be exact. My first day in the United States of America. I cannot put into words how excited I was to be here.I  heard so many great things about this country, “the super power of the world,” “the land of opportunity,” "the nation that … [Read more...]

Regents update election, amendment by-laws

At their June 1 meeting, members of the Board of Regents unanimously approved two revisions to the board's bylaws, according to Debbie Barrow, director of board and government relations. The first revision is to article 15, section two, and concerns future changes to by-laws. This revision … [Read more...]

Guest Column: Graduate schools aren’t one size fits all

When I graduated  last year with my bachelors of arts in mass communication and political science, I had no plan. I wanted to catch a breath and relax after juggling school, a full-time job and my philanthropy efforts. However, I knew I didn’t want to sit around and do nothing. The solution seemed … [Read more...]