SGA meeting presents benefits of raising student tuition

Suzanne Shipley, university president, and Keith Lamb, vice president of student affairs, attended the Student Government Association meeting on Jan. 16 in the Clark Student Center in representation for the Board as they presented new ideas to the students and organizations on the benefits of … [Read more...]

To increase retention, enrollment, university needs VP of enrollment

OUR VIEW: Because campus enrollment remains largely unchanged, administrators need to hire a vice president of enrollment management. There is a clear lack of substantial increase to the amount of newly enrolled students. If the school wishes to grow and thrive, it must have more revenue to fund … [Read more...]

Slight increase in enrollment brings positivity to faculty

Enrollment increased nearly three percent as 169 more students enrolled at Midwestern State University than last fall, yet not keeping up with growth at other Texas schools. Still, officials say things are finally looking up for Midwestern State University. From 2010 to 2013, total student … [Read more...]

Groups miss out on easy money

Student organizations can often miss the feeling of being appreciated by the school. Lack of attention, funds or just the general, “Who are they again?” mindset. This sort of mindset has left some clubs feeling left behind and ignored by the university—specifically from the monetary … [Read more...]

New booting policy to fix ticket problem

New booting policy to fix ticket problem from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. A new policy has been put in place that may leave some student’s cars with a new accessory. Police chief, Dan Williams says excessive tickets are what will get your car “the boot.” “It’s a person that gets I about five … [Read more...]